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10 vie to stage 2015 or 2019 Rugby World Cups


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I glad NZ got the 2011 tournament. NZ has given more to world rugby than any country over the last 100 years but I hope Italy get a shot at it next time, though it will be difficult for a football mad country to pull crowds for minor games, and there was a world cup on their doorstep last year. Perhaps even Japan. But no thank you Russia and Jamaica. It may seem that Japan will win the bid but that is all they will win.

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Japan will get one of them and the other one will go to a European country.

My hope is that Japan gets the 2019 Rugby World Cup. I would love to see the reaction of ex-Prime Minister Mori, who was at the forefront of the losing bid of Japan for 2011.

Yay, we got the 2019 Rugby World Cup! We did it! And then reality sets in...10 years is a long time from now, especially for a fat ol` geezer like me.

There will be plenty of disappointment in certain circles when Japan loses out on the 2016 Olympics, so good luck with the Rugby World Cup bid!

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Jamaica??? I'm not even sure they even have a rugby team. What a laugh! What exactly do they have to do to express an interest. Write a letter?...an email perhaps? I think someone there might have smoked too much last night. Perhaps they thought they could pull something off like they did with the bobsled team in te Olympics after watching that movie. I wonder if they get a reply letter. It should say something, in polite language, to the effect of ....'get real...which planet are you on...come back and apply next century...thank you for your humor.7

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If the IRB really want to gloabalise the sport it must go to one of the minor nations and who better than Japan? Japan has the 4th biggest union by registered players and all those stadium from the footy world cup mothballed - surely it is a no-brainer? But we mustn't forget the old farts at the IRB either...

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New Zealand are a bunch of chokers when it comes to the world cup. Japan should have got the 2011 WC, because they would have been a better host than NZ.

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peaceful man. have you ever seen a sold out international game of rugby in Japan? Have you even been to an international game of rugby in Japan? It comes down to bums on seats and the Japanese aren't such rugby fans that they can fill stadiums. The IRB really should look at having an Asian host and Japan is the biggest minnow in the pond but it will not really be a sports festa, more like a siesta. What does NZ being chokers have to do with this topic? Guess your country must have got spanked by the ABs last time they played. That would be any team that has played them, losing is a bitter pill to swallow.

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Japan should have got the 2011 WC, because they would have been a better host than NZ.

utter rubbish. I have been to NZ and they were much better hosts than Japanese people are. Also they have spectacular scenery, clean beaches and streets, plus fresh untainted produce. They have enough stadiums, easy access to anywhere plus a real love for the game. Smithy is right. You are scared of the All Blacks. They are one of the mosts successful all time teams in sporting history and totally unmatched in rugby with a winning record going back 100 years. So why should NZ not be allowed to host the world cup?

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I think that they are already running out of countries that are interested in rugby. So they are pulling names from a hat. there are only a few countries where they would be able to find people to watch it.

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