2016 Olympic bid cities await IOC evaluation report


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Only 30 days more to go for host selection.

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I sincerely hope that Tokyo's bid fails. If we get the Olympics it will mean the loss of park space, insane amounts of money wasted on construction of future useless buildings and massive inconvenience for the majority of us who live and work here and want nothing to do with the Olypics in Tokyo.

This is Ishihara and his crowd trying to get more money into their already overflowing pockets. Let's hope they don't see a yen of it.

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Why all the negativity tkoind2? What parkland is going to be lost? If you are still talking about Yoyogi park, that was one of four sites that was considered for the main stadium and it is not the selected site.

I hope the olympics come to Tokyo. It brings excitement to any city that holds them and might be what is needed to help kickstart the economy.

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Please fail Japan, please fail! Tokyo does not deserve this.

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From the perspective of what happened in the world cup, I don't believe that Tokyo deserves the Olympics. The Games are a time for the world to gather and watch the best athletes in the world compete with eachother. The Games are NOT a time for Japan to gather and watch the best athletes competing, while broadcasting the games to less than welcome foreigners.

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Coming from an Olympic host city, you DO NOT want to win the bid.

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So will this mean that Japan is going to start making huge donations to certain individuals as it did in the lead up to the Nagano Winter Games? What about those lighter-than-air promises regarding free travel for all games participants. Then again, I don't suppose the IOC can be fooled again by the same fibs.

PS. If Japan wins the games, I am buying ink shares. Do you know how much ink will be needed to fingerprint all those foreign criminals, sorry guests who visit the country?

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I hope Japan gets them. During the Wold Cup there was so much excitement. I think the Olympics could do some good for Japan. Let's hope they get it.

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Yeah the world cup really kick started the economy, dream on.

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It's out and they are sitting on the fence! But:

However, the Japanese capital's "relatively low" public support for the 2016 Games - just 55.5% of Tokyo residents backed the bid in the poll conducted by the IOC in February - was a concern

So they did not see through the staged event in the park where 5,000 school kids just happened to be on a "field trip" at the same time as the IOC inspection....

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