2020 Olympic golf club votes to amend membership policy on women


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they will just change it back after the olympics are gone

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@dango bong, I was thinking the exact same thing. I was searching for the part in the article where they say the change is only in effect in the year 2020.

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The resentful tone, so begrudgingly choked out in context and use. Through gritted dentures referring to a deferred entitlement use of term allow. Allow could well be attached to a length of elastic. Amend having a magicians, now you see it now you don't, abracadabra it gone quality.

The club’s “flummoxed” chairman's amendment “in keeping with the spirit of the Olympic Charter.” could well expire and vanish into thin air after an appropriate period, following the final ceremony as the occasion fades out of the nations memory.

If The Kasumigaseki Country Club truly wished to enter into the spirit of the Olympic charter, the Clubs Chairman could have invited Tokyo Gov Yuriko Koike for a round next Sunday, the worlds media invited to tag along to record the event for historic perspective.

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Boy oh boy that seems genuine.........NOT!

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But will they go back to being men-only after the Olympics? That's the question.

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The Kasumigaseki Country Club, as a private club, was never at any time forced or coerced into changing their membership policy, it was a simple choice, fully embrace the spirit of the Olympic Charter or forfeit hosting Golf in 2020.

Mori in many respects, manages make a PR mountain out of a molehill.....................

“I truly appreciate the numerous efforts that the club’s senior leaderships and all the club members have made so far to meet the requirements for hosting Olympic competitions,” Mori said in a statement.......How much of an effort is it?

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Guaranteed that after substantial back-patting between the old boys up to, during, and just after the Olympics, the club will return to its male-only full membership policy.

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Id bet 100,000yen that they'll just change back or water it down after the Olympics, Japan always some BS clause or hidden rule to protect peoples pride or self-importance, cloaked in the name of culture. Itd actually funny if it wasn't so pathetic

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