2020 Tokyo Olympic golf venue postpones decision on full membership for women


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The want to let women play gold now too? What kind of ridiculous request...?! Next they will let people vote or drive too... oh wait we are not in Middle East.

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"barring women from full membership was out of step with the times"

Why not just plain wrong?

But how did it get this far? No vetting of venues for discrimination before the decisions were made by Tokyo, JOC or IOC?

Yes, I realise gender equality is a liberal, humanist position and as such is out of favour these days. If the golf club could wait a few years blithe discrimination will be back in vogue. Perhaps their hope is that times will change. They have three years.

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I do not think women should be banned. However I went to a nail salon with my wife and they said no men I had to wait outside. So, I do not think banning any gender should be allowed.

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Lol, banning? In this century? Jezuz!!

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Postpones Decision!!!

Nothing to postpone. Either you want the Olympics at your course (following Olympic policy) or you don't.

The fact that seemingly many members disagree with giving women equal rights of membership, appears their hearts & minds are not with the request anyway. So pass it onto another course willing to embrace the Olympic ethos.

And I believe re vetting the original decision, that some / many of the officials who decided are members of the golf club.

OB and cronyism still trying to hold sway in an increasingly more transparent world.

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They didn't postpone the decision. They postponed going public with the decision. They don't want to let women be full members. Just move on, and find a venue that will.

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calling the situation “a nuisance.”

Yes being part of modern culture is a nuisance. Guess they need a woman on their board of directors

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Just another sign that golf should not have been accepted back into the Olympics. (This problem of exclusion is not unique to Japanese courses.)

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Feeble, spineless and weasel delaying tactic, so typical from a faceless fossilised group of fifteen whose cowardly dishonourable behaviour is summarised from the head of its board of directors as a perplexing nuisance.

All compounded by the hapless inertia of a Tokyo Olympic organizing committee glued to their seats brains in neutral.

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Hi John-San Please forgive my curiosity and nosiness , politely can I inquire as to your gender?

Either or, I do admire your straight forward boldness to confront the issue in such surroundings as a steam room. I do get irritated, but when boiling over enough to challenge, i'm met with the faint condescension of bows and silence. I come away feeling I have been rude and impolite.

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Did not know this still happens. Nice story though. Thanks

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What is the problem? This is a private golf club. Non-members shouldn't care.

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Geez .... Next thing you know ... women will want a "female only" carriage on subways and trains (Sarcasm) ....

Why not just move the venue??

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Tsuchifumazu -

" What is the problem? This is a private golf club. Non-members shouldn't care "

Er - Olympics might have something to do with it. But, you know - I'm not sure.

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As for the venue decision got 2020 Olympics gold, it's plain and simple that any venue that doesn't abide by the set of formulates rules set out by the IOC should be canceled and an alternate venue found. Many other people above have mentioned the same thing. @Btowny1... excellent comment!

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Unfortunately all-male golf clubs exist all over the world. Growing up back in the States my parents ran a golf course and my father occasionally taught our local high schools golf team. They had an equivalent female team who quite often ran into difficulty because a lot of the smaller clubs and courses were men-only and the purpose of the club was to travel around to different courses for practices and tournaments, etc.

This was around 20 years ago so I'm not sure if that's still the case but I suspect not much has changed. I'm guessing this particular club in Japan will allow temporary female membership up until the Olympics and then revert back to the ban. Japan is particularly impervious when it comes to these types of things.

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