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This Dec 22 photo shows construction of the main stadium to be used for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics. Image: REUTERS file

2020 Tokyo Olympics to use facial recognition for athletes, reporters


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let me guess - spectators will have to discard "dangerous" PET bottles and replace them with expensive versions of the same drinks they already had.

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And what will those facial Identifications be used for, by the Japanese Government! I would definitely not feel secure if I had the government of another country take a print of my face, and thereby store it in their database for further research!:( Someone should act before we all dig our own grave accompanied by the artificial intelligence from above!

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Whatever apple does hey?

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Strikebreaker555 .... and what would they do with your face print that makes you feel unsafe, please explain and explain how that data differs from the face print every bank, train station, toll booth, convenience store ect takes on a daily basis here.

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You one of the athletes, reporters, etc?

If not they won't use your face to enter the Olympic village, etc.

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Looking at this boondoggle as it unfolds, I'm thankful that my state, Massachusetts, told the Olympics to go pound sand when we made the cut. We don't need to pay billions of dollars to prove to the world that we're a big important place worthy of being noticed.

Japan would probably be better off saving all that money for the baby boomers' pensions they have to pay out. But perhaps they can give old people part-time jobs scraping rust off the sides of disused Olympic stadiums one day so they can supplement their income that way.

I think the world ought to chip in a few bucks and just make permanent Olympic villages and venues somewhere, summer and winter, and be done with it. Same place every year. No taxpayer, who won't even be able to afford a ticket to the events within walking distance of his house, should put up with this.

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IOC only had eyes on LA. for next summer Olympic.

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Advantage Tokyo has but Madrid and Turkey didn't was huge ad income from Japan Inc.

So Tokyo was selected.

Next one, IOC chose LA which already have many large sport arenas indoors and outdoors.

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It is not Japan Olympic. Don't criticize Japan for next Olympic.

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What the Gov't of Japan does or doesn't has nothing to do with Tokyo. Olympic budget. It seems that Koike is still innovative minded. Japan inc. advertisement income is getting bigger than we estimated.

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biometric passwords once compromised cannot be uncompromised. Whereas keys, badges, and passwords can change as many times as needed.

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Tokyo Olympic, Japanese people can go to. watch by riding train.

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Tohoku. Priorities much?

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@Wallace: What would be priority of Tokyo?

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Tohoku is not in Tokyo.

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Looks like stadium will be ready by2020.

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We don't know how many seats and what kind of nets are installed to separate game area and spectators. seat but it has to protect games against idiots who rush to. ground with his water bottle to hit players.

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Unlike Tokyo, there is no news Los Angeles is preparing for Olympic. City of Los Angeles is ready using existing sport fields.

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It cost. Money to Tokyo. but international sport events may come to Tokyo avoiding pistol happy places.

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