2020 tokyo olympics

Bach says no Olympic postponement beyond 2021


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This PR speak for .. they're cancelled.

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Bach may well mean it, but I can assure you the JOC does not. When push comes to shove, and they are called on their bluff, they'll start back-tracking and talking about postponement again as a preference to complete cancellation. I know heaps of people that do this: "This is the only time it can't be done. If you don't agree to doing it then, then we won't do it." When you say, "Well, I guess that's too bad, then," they suddenly say, "Well, wait a minute... maybe we can do it another time after all." This poorly veiled threat will fall flat once there is a chance it won't work.

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Maybe as a face-saving move the IOC could toss Japan a few crumbs and agree to sanction a scaled-down games consisting only of track & field events.

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How about a Tokyo Olympics with only fans from Japan?

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NICS Reruns: The problem isn't just giving Tokyo something out of pity, it's that all the advertisers will be gone, for starters (most important thing to them), which means pure out-of-pocket costs for host and the IOC, but also, who would go, even if they're allowed? They could agree to hold something, but with maybe one or two landlocked African countries Japan paid to come, it could hardly be called a "world" event.

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borscht..... Fans only from the host nation? That is pretty much what happens at every olympics ever. Soccer fans travel, Rugby even cricket.... There are no athletics fans, canoe fans, small bore pistol fans....

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So the softening up for the possible or inevitable cancellation begins.

The IOC using classic Japanese 'nemawashii'....

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