2020 tokyo olympics

Olympic rings arrive in Tokyo Bay


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They're just going to leave them sitting on a nasty-looking barge? They should hang them from the side of the bridge.

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Odaiba Marine Park, which is the venue for triathlon and distance swimming. It's also the venue for E coli and the smell of raw sewage. But the athletes will be given a series of inoculations before competing, and will be participating in full body hazmat suits.

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And woe betide anyone who tries to copy the 5 rings logo. The IOC tried to prosecute a little old lady shopkeeper in the UK for knitting 5 coloured rings to hang in her shop window.

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I hope they're antiseptic.

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They'll probably melt from the toxicity before the Games begin.

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What's the betting they are made of plastic? Perfect for this anti-environmental Olympics. Tokyo, unlike other Olympic cities, hasn't made an Olympic Park. They had the land, at the old Tsukiji Market, but decided to make a car-park there instead, to then be replaced by another development.

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Place the rings surrounded by the pool infested waters

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great glad the rings arrived. I wonder when the work schedules for all the people who wont be able to make it to the office due to millions or foreigners will arrive.

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I always wonder when I see a country invest so much in the Olympics if it would have been better to take those funds and invest instead in their infrastructure, the poor, the elderly, etc. Geez.

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Let the GAMES begin!!!!

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So, how much does it cost to lease the rings from the Olympic Committee?

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Beauty. This is a symbol of our best, kids. None of you out there are probably even near the skill set that these atheletes have. Oh, and that includes me. LOLzy.

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