2020 tokyo olympics

All signs point to Tokyo Olympics being postponed


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It took awhile but the inevitable delay is at hand.

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Good, about time, Inept Olympic Committee

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Old news for Japan

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At what point during this week are they going to finally go on the record as one (IOC) and officially declare their decision and plan of action? And if they do, will they finally stop the build up to the torch relay?

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Feel sorry for the 12000+ touch bearers. Every prefecture. The fire should never of landed.

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All signs point to Tokyo Olympics being postponed

DUH!!! Took them long enough.

NOW can we please see the real numbers of infected people by getting down to some real testing??

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DO IT NOW !!.. TOKYO 2021 !!..

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All signs point to Tokyo Olympics being postponed

The only sane and sensible decision. Announce it now. Put the athletes and the people of Japan out of their misery.

Tokyo 2021!

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An IOC member just said its on in 2021. Abe will be trying to extend his term, legally or not.

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Now that the Olympic is postponed, please start coronavirus testing at full scale.

I can't bear to see Japan turning to another Italy..

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Great, best this is postponed officially. There will be disappointments but this is for the greater good.

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a wise choice, but watch the government carefully once this decision is finalized... testing levels will go up, the number of infected confined will sky-rocket, and they’ll start locking down like everywhere else. The playing down and avoiding the reality has been in part to Keep the Olympics in playZ now that they are in the out, we’ll start seeing priorities shift.

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The signs were always there, Abe and cronies just needed a message from their American masters to open their eyes and see them.

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Japanese do control their own Olympic, outside forces boss Japanese official, who payed the bills

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This explains why the sudden appearance of Koike who has been in hiding for months.

Koike urges cooperation to avoid Tokyo lockdown


She is trying to salvage her reputation. At least for her, the attention has gone away from her losing the marathon to Hokkaido. She blame everything on the pandemic!!

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This isn't a "maybe" (as the Japanese press had erroneously been reporting); this is a fact. The Olympics have been postponed.

Abe and cronies don't get to make a decision, because the IOC has already decided.

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I suggested couple of weeks ago on another news source regarding Tokyo Olympics to postpone one year. It now seems to be what I had suggested. Currently, there is a drug Hydroxy Chloroquine that shows promising signs for COVID 19 and until such time that a vaccine can be discovered, this is a good alternative drug which is FDA approved. I predict by summer, most of the spread of COVID 19 will slow down and recovery stage will begin to take place. One year is a good idea to postpone. It will be just what the world need to celebrate together after this horrific pandemic crisis. And what a great place to do this in.....Tokyo. All the best to Japan!

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All signs? The decision has already been made. It’s only the logistics that remain.

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I suggested couple of weeks ago on another news source regarding Tokyo Olympics to postpone one year. It now seems to be what I had suggested.

Clearly the Olympic organizers must have read your post.

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Tokyo Games postponement appears inevitable as countries grow impatient with IOC


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