2020 tokyo olympics

Bach tries to boost Olympic morale in Japan


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Gogogo, Olympics go!

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Before it became apparent that Japan would have an outbreak I suggested to the Chinese Olympic Committee and to IOC to have the Chinese athletes and teams send here early and pre quarantine them. Makes no sense now as the Japan situation is not safer than the one in Chine outside of the Wuhan and surrounding regions.

not considering a postponement with one year by IOC is frankly speaking irresponsible. But the reason is that , for IOC only a cancellation is better than postponement even if for all other parties involved postponement with one year is completely viable and not a major problem. It is a lot of work. IOC knows a decision must be made much earlier, latest mid April so broadcasters can replace content and sponsors postpone their hospitality programs.

even if the coronavirus would disappear in the coming 2 weeks, foreign attendance will be seriously impacted. As would the legacy of Tokyo2020.

But in 2021 the games could get their full potential fulfilled and , as a sportsmarketing expert with + 25 years in Japan I can make the case for 2021 with all rational for all parties involved.

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Tokyo 2021!

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Mr Bach has turned into a PR spin doctor. He avoided answering the hard questions just like a seasoned spin doctor.

I'm less hopeful now. If he was sincere, he'd be outlining ways to keep the games on schedule. This is a coordination excercise, without 'clear' lead nations will be dithering, putting in plan B etc., whereas all efforts should be put towards keeping the games on schedule.

Already there are ex-olympian like multiple gold medallist Thorpe who recently said personal health is more important than the olympic.

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He is a spin doctor. It's part of his job to be a spin doctor, i.e. to be positive about the entire reason for the existence of his job and his organisation. That's understandable. But no amount of spin doctoring is going to hide the fact that in Japan and the world generally major sporting events - sumo and soccer in today's news alone - are being threatened with cancellation by the spread of this virus and its associated risks. And in holding the biggest event of all, the Olympics, Japan would be exposing itself to a magnitude of risk - all those people coming in to the country and mingling - far greater than for any other sporting event.

Unless there's a massive turnaround between now and May in how the coronavirus is behaving, that's it. Goodbye to the Olympics 2020. Whether there'll be an Olympics 2021 is very doubtful - I think someone in the IOC said the other day that it would be cancellation, not postponement.

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Thomas Bach is the president, not media relation (that's Lucia Montanarella). IMHO, if the president is spending precious time spinning, then he is wasting time not leading. This should be about health and wellbeing of athletes as well.

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Why did he mention the words “worlds wars”?? Kinda got off course there sir?

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Ahhh Bach!

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When do we get to hear the next ‘Air’?

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The overcommitment of the IOC is astounding. They really refuse to quit or change anything.

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They could easily have it another time, it just won't be on tv

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Just avoid crowded spaces for a few weeks and then face the massive Olympic crowds, several weeks after....

Problem solved!

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Several months, that is.

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Wow pretty ""tough"" questions for Asahi Yomiuri & Kyodo LOL!!

And Bachs answers...….. just like a Japanese politician, I think he  is turning Japanese I really think so!!!

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