2020 tokyo olympics

Cherry blossom Olympics: Could Tokyo 2020 delay beat the heat?

By Richard CARTER

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April or May Olympics sounds good to me.

Say, what is going to happen to Sports Day this year? Still in July, despite the Olympic postponement I guess.

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"Since we are in this situation, one idea is to have (the IOC) move the date to a time that is not hot," she said.

Hard to disagree with that...hope it does get changed from middle of summer.

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And why are they so sure it will be safe by 2021? I see nothing but covid 19 numbers going up all over the world! I think the Olympic organizers should say postponed until it's safe to hold the games.

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Don't forget that the rainy season starts at the beginning of June on average.

April/May would be best, but even May can be very hot.

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They are going to have a very tough time re-scheduling spring or summer, certain sports federations WILL be complaining about any choices, some may simply opt out of the ""2020"" games.

Then onto countries, again some are going to complain no matter what dates are considered. Some smaller countries also may opt OUT as they simply cant\don't want to spend the extra $$$ to attend.

These games by no means are a sure thing next year, just saying!

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Until vaccinations are readily available , there should be no Olympics .

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Tokyo Olympic should be moved to 2022 since the Coronavirus should be contained much earlier than the dates of the Olympic.

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Agreed, move to 2022, or even 2024.

I just can't believe they are already planning for the Olympics (again!) while we are in the midst of a serious pandemic.

It's getting more and more unreal each day, like we're in the Matrix or Wonderland.

I really hoped they would concentrate on the issue at hand following the postponement, but no, they insist on bringing it up again and again when we still have absolutely no idea how things are going to pan out.

Koike, please concentrate on saving the people of Tokyo from this mess you caused and stop acting like a spoilt child.

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With global warming setting in, we may have to move the summer Olympics to a different time of year regardless of the country. Spring Olympics have a nice ring to it.

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