2020 tokyo olympics

Japanese TV networks to rotate Olympics broadcasting on daily basis


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They mean they will broadcast the participating Japanese athletes and some of the events , with no Japanese athletes but impossible to ignore. But don’t worry, the Japanese medalist we will see 99 times.

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How about NHK set to broadcast Japanese athletes and have another station broadcast the olympics proper.

That way we won’t have to see reruns on a loop of a Japanese race walker coming 7th.

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That way we won’t have to see reruns on a loop of a Japanese race walker coming 7th.

Other networks will replay that anyway, because coming in 7th means he/she did a 入賞, lol.

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I sure hope the coverage will be better than that of Wimbledon 2 or 3 years ago. There was the semi-final men's going on live, and what did they show? A rerun of the women's wheelchair event because one of the players was Japanese.

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Man,the propoganga overload will be intense.

It will be endless and so in your face that it will blow your mind.

Even now........most Japanese can recall which Japanese athlete won which medal at Tokyo 1964 because it was repeated ad infinitum on the TV and printed in the newspaper's for so long.It is a way the Japanese government shows an 'Us and Them' attitude to the local populace to make them 'see' that they are really Japanese and all the rest is gaikoku and therefore manage to totally 'educate' the locals.

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Can we at least see events where Japan doesn't do well in? Some people would like to see more USA men's basketball, among other things. Not just table tennis.

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Agree with all of the above, be ready for the Japanese Olympics.

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Or you just watch it on NHK BS (vs Terrestial) which for Olympics since 1992 (when I got here) has shown Neutral coverage of both the Summer and the Winter Olympics - hence avoiding the need to watch the Propoganda.

I also have access to coverage from NBC (USA network gor those whoo don't know) and their 'network'coverage is just as biased towards American competitors as Japanese TV is towards the Japanese.

More Japan bashing for the sake of it on Japan Today. Shock.

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Absolutely. I've always enjoyed Summer/Winter Olympics on NHK's online apps which show most (if not all) sports live or ondemand.

(No guarantee that'll happen this go around though)

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*live AND ondemand.

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Thnk you RiskyMosaic - I don't see why it will be any different this time. If not - there is an awful lot through the NBC app which shows all events. If you have a VPN that is.

This applies to most sports here..want to watch Golf and TBS habe the tournament - Terrestial will be focusing on the Japanese players - flip over to BS-TBS for a much more neutral view. People who come to live here really need to dig a little depper sometimes and realuse they are not in their home country anymore. There is always a way...

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Any idea if the games will be broadcasted inside Japan in English?

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