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2020 tokyo olympics

Olympic saga reveals Japanese sports world's lack of influence


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It's so cliched and trite to say, but in this still heavily hierarchial society - "The nail that stands out......", appears to dominate.

I remember her words a few weeks back when she said that -

"...Who will be happy about holding the Summer Games in July when we are now witnessing so many people’s lives being turned upside down?.."

A cut from Asahi at the time -

"..Yamaguchi noted that the fight against the coronavirus has been likened to war in Japan and abroad. She suggested that a reluctance to speak out against holding the Olympics as planned reflects the public’s mindset during the final stages of World War II.

“In Japan, there was an atmosphere in which many people felt they could not voice their opposition even though they knew that the country would lose,” she said. “I am afraid that many JOC members and athletes feel discouraged from saying that a postponement would be better.”..."

And JOC president Yamashita was apparently awaiting to welcome the "sacred flame" at that time, so he brought out his hammer for Yamaguchi, only to be hammered himself a week or so later.

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Wow, you think so? Especially if they had to bride the IOC to get the games in the first place.

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There's a very weird form of censorship in Japan eh.

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National Secrecy Law, is at odds with basic democratic principles.

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