2020 tokyo olympics

Tokyo Olympics unlikely to be in spring, Mori says


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Give it a rest, bigger issues to focus on at the moment

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At the rate the virus is spreading in Japan and the inaction of the J-Gov it’s unlikely the Games will be held in 2021 at all. They’ll be lucky to get to virus under control by 2024.

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I never thought I would say this but I think all major events sporting and none sport events should be indefinitely postponed until there is either a cure or vaccine for covid 19. How can anyone plan for anything for the next year, or years when the virus is spreading so rapidly around the world!

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Doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out it won't be happening in May. Nor will it be happening anytime next year.

Japan: get over it already!

More importantly, when is Mori going to get tested ? He could be asymptomatic.

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Mori downplayed the Tokyo Olympics taking place next spring

More also downplayed that the Olympics would be cancelled.

ignoring the fact

Politicians do that a lot.

Summer Olympics were often held in more hospitable months

And late July, early August are not hospitable in Japan. Or, as Abe said, "the best temperature for sports!"

International Olympic Committee will set dates

Meaning whatever Mori says has no meaning.

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"The Games are meant to be in summer, so we should be thinking of a time between June and September," he said,

Then why, oh why was Tokyo even considered?

ignoring the fact that until recently, the Summer Olympics were often held in more hospitable months, such as October as in the 1964 Tokyo Olympics' case.

Why is he ignoring that fact?

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All we need to know is that the No.1 reason why modern Olympics are held in July-August is to suit US TV networks and their schedules. They pay a fortune for broadcast rights, and they're not going to do that if they don't get the Games exactly when they want them.

The well-being of the athletes? The comfort of the crowds? Forget it. They can flubber around with bogus explanations (e.g. "logistics issues") all they like, but for the IOC and the networks, $$$ is all that counts.

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Won’t Mori be in retirement at the end of this year?

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The Games are meant to be in summer, so we should be thinking of a time between June and September," he said,

and yet the last Tokyo Olympics in 1964 were held in October you dinosaur.

No better example of a senile LDP geezer in charge than Mori...hey we have a perfect chance to solve the biggest problem of the Olympics , the summer heat shall we take this unique opportunity? Nah, lets push for having it on exactly the same dates......someone retire him already.

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Give it a rest, Mori. Stay home and concentrate on your own health. This guy will still be going on about the Olympics when he's clinging on to dear life.

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Still this obsession with the Olympics. It is mind boggling how these people are so focused on something so unimportant in the grand scheme of things going on right now.

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An article in the Singapore CNA website give the following insight on the Olympics

News outlets Nikkei and Asahi have estimated that the Olympics would cost Japan about US$28 billion in total which is almost quadruple the US$7.3 billion declared when Tokyo won the bid in 2013.

Only US$5.6 billion of operating costs have been covered with revenues from sponsors, ticket sales, marketing, and IOC contributions.

The delay of the Olympics is expected to lower economic growth by 0.5 to 0.8 percentage points. Things were already looking slightly grim for the country in February, when the number of foreign visitors to Japan fell by 58.4 per cent.

Even when the Olympics is held, financing the gap of a year will add to the cost. The costs of maintaining venues or storing materials are high. Some estimate the cost of the delay at US$2.6 billion.

Clearly Abe and the LDP gambled on the Olympics. And lost.


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mori, how about stepping OUT of the way, you are not helping anything, just retire, its getting beyond embarrassing it really is!

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Spring time, April and May, would be the best months for the athletes, weather considered.

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