2020 tokyo olympics

Q&A: What's next for the Tokyo Olympics as virus spreads?


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Thank GOD we have former PM Mori heading things up. With PM “IT” in charge what could POSSIBLY go wrong?

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Might put my money where my mouth is and place a 100,000 bet that the Olympics will not go ahead.

4/6 is looking really good.

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I am the biggest fan of Tokyo 2020. But the Games as we knew them are gone. It is almost certain they will be cancelled - and just a remote chance the events will all be held in empty stadia and arenas. This would be deeply unpopular in Japan.

I am hoping now for Tokyo-Sapporo 2021!

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Who are the Olympics for at this point? The host country is in crisis is not a time for a party. WHO and IOC are lethargic; too controlled and interested in monied interests. This whole debacle just shows it up very well

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I upvoted the notion of Tokyo-Sapporo 2021. Japan needs time and the rest of Asia as well to recover so everyone can attend.

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With PM “IT” in charge what could POSSIBLY go wrong?

You mean 'itto'? This guy looks as if he's already got one foot in the grave (and the other in his mouth) and should never have been given the job.

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