2020 tokyo olympics

Skateboarder Sky Brown, 11, breaks skull in fall


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Wow! OK! She is fine.

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That much damage even with a helmet...damn, that must've been quite the fall.

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I would reassess the situation if I was her father. Just 11 and already suffering life threatening injury. Hope they rethink everything, including her gear and risk assessment.

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I've fractured bones but can't imagine how painful a fractured skull would be, especially at such a young age. Get well and good luck.

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Glad the kid is OK. Her parents must have been frantic.

I worry about children competing at such a high level, training super hard to make the Olympics, when bones and bodies are still growing a lot. Perhaps there should be an age limit of 16 to compete in Olympics. 11 seems slightly too young.

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I hope she's okay. The first skate video I saw of her was dropping from the roof of a bus to a flat landing. Flat landings put massive strain on ligaments and are notorious for injuries.

Among other things, Sky Brown has been on a ballroom dancing reality show in the US, so her parents are clearly pushing her hard as a media star. Skating's a lot of fun, but the physical demands on pro skateboarders are very very high. You've got to go really big to get noticed. A lot of the X-Games-type "extreme" sports, skateboard, inline vert skating, BMX, snowboarding, etc. are basically gymnastics on wheels, so maybe the age rules in gymnastics should also apply to children who do these sports.

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She is going to be a massive star at the Olympics... Regardless of the result. 11 years old, fearless and a kick ass, carefree hippy spirit! The world is going to love her!

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She is one tough young lady. All the best to her. I know she can do it!

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It was a pretty high fall.


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I wish her quick recovery.

 training super hard to make the Olympics, when bones and bodies are still growing a lot. 

Add to this the concussion and the possible lasting brain damages. That should not be a competitive sport for the under 20.

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Concrete does not forgive any mistake...

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Concrete does not forgive any mistake...

Been there. Can confirm. And I only did a 2 meter drop.

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