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Tokyo's delayed Olympics: Who pays bills for another year?


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Answer: Taxpayers

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Who pays the bills? That’s easy! The corporations have been given more tax cuts. It’s pretty clear the workers will be hit with increased taxes to pay for it, as usual.

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Who pays bills for another year? The most likely answer is — primarily Japanese taxpayers.

I'm a Tokyo taxpayer and I didn't want it in 2013 and I don't want it now. Neither does Mrs. Noakes, nor anyone else I've ever asked about it. If we'd been given a free vote I'm totally certain the good people of Tokyo would have voted No. That's why there was no referendum.

Why do we have to pay for this Nippon Kaigi festival of celebration capitalism where all the profits go to Japanese corporations and Lausanne? We pay, they take the profits. It's daylight robbery.

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The taxpayers will pay. The cost is already astronomical. Coronavirus aside the price tag blew out from 7 billion to around 30 billion. Did Tokyo lie to the IOC back in 2013?

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How about cancelling the IOC Executive Board sole decision to move the marathon to Sapporo? This alone burded additional costs of at least 10 billion, rather 34 billion Yen according to other calculations taking side effects into consideration!

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Tokyo's delayed Olympics: Who pays bills for another year?


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Will it really be able to postpone the Games a year in order to have them in a “complete way?” My bet is that the IOC will announce cancellation of Tokyo 2020 Olympics before the year is out.

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IMF said before that Japan tax should be 25% in coming years, now you understand who gonna pay the Bill...

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Oh, don't worry! Abe will find the money!

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Now y’all knew that question was going to come, right? Like clockwork!

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With the number of people who died/are dying/will die, who cares! Let all the top dogs who pocketed so much money pay for it.

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Regarding the condos to be used for housing athletes, etc, it would be interesting to see how the contracts are worded. Done incorrectly, and the buyers could take possession before the Olympics even start!

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Try to sue China, it's what Trump is most likely trying to do with all the renaming of the virus to the "china virus"...

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Yeah, that would definitely suck if the taxpayers are stuck with yet another cost overrun. But I don’t really think that’s going to be the case. At least not entirely anyway.

Because as the article states, the IOC has several billion dollars in revenue, including a $2 billion reserve fund. Do you really think that they won’t contribute any of that money when the Olympics are delayed for a year? Especially since they were the ones that jointly said with Japan that they should be pushed ahead for another year?

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The article also states that there’s private funding as well. I’m not sure if that was part of the agreement when they got the Olympics back in 2013, but I would imagine that those private sponsors or whoever would have to chip in, if they were part of the original funding equation anyway.

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In all fairness, China should pay the bill because they did NOTHING to stop a repeat of the 2002/2003 SARS outbreak. The Chinese government once again hid all warnings from its own medical community and then silenced those who tried to warn others when the virus started.

Look at Taiwan's response, they learned and were ready to deal with it. Transparency is what makes Taiwan's battle with this Chinese made virus easier to deal with. China did nothing but hide that the virus was out there until it was too late and they couldn't hide it anymore and they are still putting out fake numbers and hiding the truth while blaming other countries for the spread of their virus.

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How about Mr Son, Yanai, Mikitani and all the other billionaires just do the right thing.

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