2020 tokyo olympics

Tokyo Olympics just beginning the race to reset themselves


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I think everyone knows the Olympics will be cancelled and there is no need to bother. The next article about the Olympics should just confirm it’s cancellation and tell me if I can get my refund. No need to waste reporters’ skills

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Muto is talking nonsense, there is nothing to do extra. It is all ready and the extra year would give every organisational expert more comfort. An extra year of fine tuning. But what would he know ?

of course it allows no room for excuses for 2021. Yes, we need to give strong attention to the virus fallout and we can do that by limiting support staff, media numbers, delegation officials, foreign vips and reducing the time spent in the Olympic village by keeping the athletes longer in their training camps, returning them there immediately after their events. Avoid infections by bringing them ALL into Japan minimum 1 month before their event.

of course this can not be a normal Olympics but it still can be a great one.

Complaining, moaning, nagging instead of showing the expertise they are all hired for and paid for. The word for it is incompetence

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The Olympics aren't going to happen in 2021.

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Sadly I would say a 50% chance at best as of today, moral with organisers  is getting lower by the day.

With countries worldwide still having real issues locally, this is making it difficult to coordinate testing\qualification etc. And many athletes cannot properly train at present.

Add in JAPAN & how it ""works"" here, it is going to be a tough slog to see if Japan can pull this off.

Dont be surprised to see the white towel tossed into the ring between Aug-Oct.

Time will tell, but doesn't look promising at present

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