2020 tokyo olympics

IOC, Tokyo Olympic organizers agree to simplified games


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simply forget about it

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"never discussed cancellation."

Procrastination at it’s best

IOC President Bach said in an interview with BBC Sport last month that he accepts that the virus-hit Tokyo Games will have to be canceled if they cannot be held next year.

yet it has “never been discussed”

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While the Tokyo Games organizing committee has not yet revealed how much extra the postponement will cost

that doesn't bode well for tax payers

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"We can simplify and reduce the cost of the games. That is our full concentration."

However, as long as the gravy train we are on doesn’t stop then we’ll continue to hold press conferences (about nothing) so we can bulk up our expenses...

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"We can simplify and reduce the cost of the games. That is our full concentration."

This is how it will work: Remove X portion which costs about $5 million. Report a savings of $4 million. $1 million in costs incurred in removing said portion. End result: Tax payers’ money goes into someone’s pocket.

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One concern is a potential conflict between the Olympics, starting on July 23, 2021, and a revised schedule for America's National Basketball Association.

I wanted to attend some of the basketball games but have a feeling the U.S. team might end up being college players like the old days.

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Unfortunately I completely lost my interest in the Tokyo Olympic Games.

Before the pandemic I was very excited and curious, but currently both my feelings for the Olympic Games at Tokyo are completely gone.

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The old man in the middle, former prime minister, Yoshiro Mori,

What he cares about is only to show his achievement and dignity to the public.

Give way and let youngsters have the chance!

7 ( +8 / -1 )

They're agreeing to a simpler set up because it'll cost less to cancel, what a vote of confidence

3 ( +4 / -1 )

that personToday 07:04 am JST

"never discussed cancellation."

Procrastination at it’s best

IOC President Bach said in an interview with BBC Sport last month that he accepts that the virus-hit Tokyo Games will have to be canceled if they cannot be held next year.

yet it has “never been discussed”

Another day, another pointless press conference of transparent lies from elderly time-servers who couldn't arrange a booze-up in a brewery. Their only job is to divert public money into private pockets, and they're doing very well thank you. It's the Dentsu Olympics.

He said the IOC would support non-divisive demonstrations in support of the Olympic principles, such as non-discrimination but stopped short of saying what kind of demonstrations should be allowed.

Comedy gold from the protege of Franco fascist functionary Juan Antonio Samaranch:

"Imposing neutrality by fiat requires a certain hubris. The International Olympic Committee demonstrated that it has that in abundant supply when it forbade activism by athletes at the 2020 Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo, prohibiting “gestures of a political nature, like a hand gesture or kneeling.” The policy, announced last week, added precision to a longstanding — and controversial — rule in the Olympic Charter stating, “No kind of demonstration or political, religious or racial propaganda is permitted in any Olympic sites, venues or other areas.”


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Cut your losses now and forget about it. Just ask any Las Vegas odds maker, this is a no brainer.

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Do we need all this space? All these services?" he said. "Which activities add real value? Do we need all of these test events?"

You mean these basic question are not being asked every time " ordinary " Olympics is being planned?... geez...

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I want to know who owns the crystal ball, how do they know how bad things are going to be in a year from now!

4 ( +5 / -1 )


Hasn’t it always been the way you mention?

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"We can simplify and reduce the cost of the games. That is our full concentration."

Reduce costs? With Cryptkeeper Mor and his LDP cronies' snouts in the trough funnelling barrels of cash to Dentsu?

Fat chance.

This whole fiasco was a white elephant we couldn't afford from the beginning. Just scrap it. 2024 is the only viable option - if civilisation can survive that long.

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Cancellation is imminent. The head of Olympics said there is either Olympics 2021 or none at all.

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that doesn't bode well for tax payers

Taxpayers be damned. The show must go on! (/sarc)

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Another nail in the you know what...….

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The money Abe is spending on the economy (¥40 trillion / $300 billion) and this Dentsu Olympics fiasco might make one believe Abe isn't a fiscal conservative.

Plus, no offense to our elderly brothers and sisters, but who explained the Online meeting to Mori? Did they fax the minutes to him? I mean, when Abe's chief of technology has stated he can't use a computer, what chance does Mori have?

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Economic warfare plain and simple.

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So, after reading through all those circular sentences and the repeated information there is one thing missing from it. There is no mention of refunds or discounts for a simplified Olympic Games. There’s plenty of talk of cutting services, spectators and staff, but no mention of compensation. Will it be a similar scenario to the Tokyo marathon that saw 70% of the participants cut with no refunds?

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Forget about it.

I have tickets but it is no fun to see any kind of demonstrations and protesting when we are supposed to be enjoying the Olympic Games. The atmosphere will not be joyous and there will be tensions even among viewers. I am already informed by so many kinds of problems in the world - I want to attend something I can forget about problems. It is bad enough that the virus may still be looming.

We go to the Olympics to be United and not to dwell on problems.

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Why do I get the impression that the Tokyo Olympics will always be remembered as "that one after the virus'

If current predictions are correct about when a usable vaccine will be available, this will all be a moot point anyway. No broadly available effective vaccine at least several months in advance, means no crowds and a vastly reduced contingent of athletes.

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IOC, Tokyo Olympic organizers agree to simplified games.

Have the egg and spoon race, simple games like that

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"(Non discrimination) is in our DNA," Bach said.

Even the existence of a 'Special Olympics' reminds me of an era of 'Separate But Equal'.

As we are seeing in the current U.S. protests, that didn't turn out so well, did it?

These are just 'GAMES' for god's sake — games governed by provisional, and originally arbitrary rules. Outside of any social meaning we give them, a game is nothing more than ritualized competition.

What is to prevent a 'normal' soccer team, swim team, or ski jumping team from requiring a member or two who is also handicapped? Why aren't rules changed to require special positions on regular teams to have a 'special' member? Why aren't the 'Special Events' for 'Special People' interspersed with regular events for 'regular' people?

I think such teams and a unified event would be both more entertaining AND put the handicapped on a level playing field, exposing the 'bread and circuses' audience to real world problems and problem solving. It would be cheaper, and be the right step forward in a moral direction.

Of course we all know the answer to that. Just follow the money.

The local organizers outlined three central principles for the postponed Olympics -- providing a safe and secure environment, minimizing costs to gain the understanding of Tokyo residents and the wider public, and simplifying the games for the sake of safety and sustainability.

I would propose a fourth principle ... making the world a better place for everybody.


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Personal interests of capitalism must stop, to save lives. PLS UNDERSTAND THIS POINT. UNTIL antidote is confirmed, NO OLYMPICS.

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