26 Nihon University volleyball team members infected with coronavirus


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That's a bummer....hope you men get well soon. Never underestimate the power of the COVID-19. That bug is more dangerous than than Mike Tyson.

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Most of universities in Japan done everything online but universities' sports club still do their routine like usual, where there is chance for them to get infected.

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They'll get over it and will then move on and no longer need to wear a mask.

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No close contact?????

Its a ball sport!

They are in close proximity at the net, jumping, and spitting at each other.

以上! wtf

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This keeps happening in varying degree's how is Tokyo going to pull off the Olympics......... I dont think they will be able to turn the tide soon enough for the games to work

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but the sources said the outbreak had not spread.

That's a miracle given what we know how contagious this virus is... Almost unbelievable... Who are these sources, Nishimura and Mori?

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26 people

No serious symptoms

At worst 2 people had a fever

This virus isn't dangerous for most people, have you finally realised?

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How does the virus know who's on the same team and then politely doesn't spread beyond?

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the local health authorities said no player from the opposing team had come into close contact.

The powers that be are never wrong. Blocking at the net isn't considered close contact, then what distance is considered close contact then ? Or are they mistaking volleyball for table tennis, how about giving some thought that the virus can be passed through the ball.

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I think that by now it should be clear that team sports activities can't happen without high risk of spreading of the infection from one case.

Authorities should either stop all these same-dorm sport teams from playing or just assume everybody is going to get infected and it is a price to pay for doing it (and isolate them from the general population)

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This virus isn't dangerous for most people, have you finally realised?

No, in contrary, the virus is dangerous for all people. You could be infected next time or in a next wave and then develop life threatening symptoms. But that’s not all. Everyone is getting older every single day and therefore reaching the next age group with higher risk percentages. If you are in your 30’s or 40’s today and laugh about that virus , you will cry and beg for an ECMO or intubation treatment in 20 or 30 years, probably much earlier as more and more people get infected and spread the virus. You didn’t think so far? Good that I told and taught you!

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They'll get over it and will then move on and no longer need to wear a mask.

a) Who other people they may have passed the virus onto in the meantime is the important part. One spreads to people, and those people spread to more people - that's how clusters form

b) Nobody knows for sure yet how/if immunity to Covid-19 works - there are reports that some people got re-infected in just a matter of weeks. Not all immunity is long-term. The virus is just too new for any conclusive study. Moral of the story - do not assume

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