3 Hanshin Tigers players test positive for coronavirus


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Celebrities tend to get tested more than regular folk because they have 'special access' to medical help. Just look at all the NBA players that were tested. Thing is, many Japanese are still meeting up and having large gatherings, smoking, drinking at crowded izakayas or just having large work seminars in small rooms. Seems like Covid19 is about to blow up in Tokyo.

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Not sure if it made any difference but loss of smell is now considered a symptom to warrant a test. A group of asymptomatic patients reported loss of smell before having any coughs or fevers.

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But hey, ready to start the season again from the end of April!

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This is the kind of news that really depresses me. Once famous people start getting it I can’t help but thinking it’s just out there and there’s going to be a an uptick and we’re going to end up on lockdown.

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