3 bid cities make pitches for 2020 Olympics


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Good Luck to Tokyo!

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I was watching this on NHK last night. Inose was bobbing around, waving his arms all over the place.

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the most important thing is Tokyo's relations with neighboring countries. Olympics will lose its purpose if China-SKorea-NKorea follow boycott of 1984 summer olympics. If that is not important, it's fine US-Japan can share Gold and Silver medals and rest of the world may have bronze !

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“What I don’t understand is why some people seem to think that this could be a bad thing. We are proud that our city is the safest in the world. If you lose something, many times it returns to your hands, including cash.”

Really? For petty crimes, perhaps. For murder, random stabbings, beatings, etc., certainly not.

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I am hoping Turkey will get it for 2020. It would be nice to have the Olymics in new locations as much as possible to show its global attitude.

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some14some, things would have to get really bad for either China or the Koreas to pass on the chance for medals! Like WW3 bad. And if it were that bad, I'd say the Olympics would be the least of our concerns.

I'd be happy for Istanbul to get it. Wouldn't be gutted if Tokyo got it. NHK was reporting this morning about some moves within the Diet to possible outlaw hate speech - and the horrible protestors in Shin Okubo. I'd love to see the Olympic movement put more pressure on Tokyo (and the national government) to muzzle the racists.

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Whoever wins.... I hope that's NOT Tokyo. Enough people here, the trains are horribly packed, this is senseless. Do it somewhere else!

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I don't understand why he thinks Tokyo (or Japan) is the safest place. It may be safer than some other places in other countries, but it's not safe.

One day I accidentally left my wallet on the chair at cafe in Tokyo (I didn't notice because my friend paid) and cafe staffs didn't notice because it was on the chair. About 30 min later I went back but a guy was using the table and he said he never saw a wallet. I knew exactly where I left it so he must have took it but I couldn't do anything. (maybe I could have called police? I don't know.) It had like 30000yen (about 300 in US) in it! If you lose cash in Tokyo, it doesn't return to you.

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