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3-time world figure skating champ Mao Asada retires


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She would make a great coach for Japan's future Olympians

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Thanks for the memories, Mao!

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i think she should have retired after the last olympics, but i understand her reasoning for wanting to continue for another few years. it's hard to retire from something you've devoted all your life to. here's hoping she finds something productive to do in her 2nd life.

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Probably for the best. She did an excellent job for a while, but the whole comeback damaged her overall reputation. It's a shame so much pressure was put on her by the media, even calling skaters who came a little after her "Mini-Mao" and what not, so that she could not enjoy herself more and loosen up, and possibly do better. I hope she still skates for fun and maybe does some coaching in the future.

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Thanks for the memories Mao chan, She shoulkd have followed Kim yu nam and retire immediately after sochi I understand she was the J- media and I think it is the media that is most disappointed. well there are never shortage of skaters for J-media to raise high on a pedestal while the others barely get a mention.

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I still had hope for her these coming Olympics to shut that punk Mori up who called Mao a failure for always falling during big events.

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She doesn't have a shot - the Russians have taken over

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Gokurosama, Mao-san !

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Thanks for the great skate, Mao!

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