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4-party 2020 Olympic cost review panel holds first meeting


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A lot of money wasted to find out they wasted a lot of money.

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Tokyo should never have been awarded the Olympics in the first place... Everything is very far from "being under control"... Abe is too full of himself - he just wants to show off but seems to forget about his own people - especially those still in "temporary lodgings"...

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ALL UNDER CONTROL THEN?? Another lie way up there with the check is in the post! Sorry the $100 I owe you I could not send as I already sealed the envelope....

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Give me 1 million dollar and I'll buy 5000 plastic chairs and excavate a part of the lake

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So far my credits go to Koike.... She's been quite newly elected and has picked up on a lot of issues right away. The Olympics, the fish market, and she's been stepping up against the party that prolonged Japan's economic crisis to 26 years by now, I foresee her being the first female prime minister of Japan, and finally start to get things going again here.

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-newslover. Fish market and olympics are simple problems that wont affect us on the long run. Being a prime minister is thousand imes more difficult.

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What does "gain the public's UNDERSTANDING" really mean? Gain their BRAINWASHING? This phrase is so nebulous as to be meaningless. Essential to Japanese politics, I guess.

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Please oh please can anyone make sense of the numbers/budgets in this article................

Koike san, your intentions are good, just GO for the least costly & MAKE them HONOUR their BUDGETS!

This 4 & SEVEN times over budget are so beyond criminal, do a TRUMP & sue them! CLEARLY you have winnable cases.......sadly a LOT of them!

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Olympic bid : Mori group won for Tokyo about six years ago..Abe and Koike were not involved six years ago.

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