49ers gear up for tough return trip to Seattle


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Go seahawks!!

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The Niners just might get 'em this time around !

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Yup. Rough it will be. Harbaugh's a good coach, and his 49ers a good team, but Seattle is hungrier than the man-eating ogres in Japanese fairy tales, and the 49ers are no Momotaro.

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I like that, Trevor !

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Hawks all the way!

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The NFL has become the most popular sport for viewing in the US. Baseball is in third now (but in Japan still #1) in any case.

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go 49'ers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The seahawks have only had one superbowl appearance ever, in 2006 in superbowl XL and lost 10-21 to the pittsburgh steelers. They have never won a superbowl.

I like Russel Wilson QB of the Seahawks who is not earning like other major QBs. As a matter of fact, I believe he is the bottom on that list. He goes to Children's hospital every Tuesday to meet his fans. He is very humble with a heart of gold. I like him.

Well, I am all for Seattle Seahawks to meet my team Denver Broncos. Go Seahawks!!

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