60% say Mori unfit to serve as Tokyo Olympics chief: poll


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Almost half of respondents in Sunday's poll backed a further postponement, with 35.2 percent supported cancelling the games altogether.

trying to clear up the numbers.

does that means that 85.2% want the games postponed or cancelled?

we're getting closer to 100%. I've never seen such a clear majority in any poll before.

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Now I understand why the previous article was trying so hard to explain his importance!

Basically, if he resigns then it will be certain that the Olympics will cancelled which the majority of Japanese citizens want anyway!

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Wait a minute! Is this a ‘Sports’ issue or a “Politics’ issue? Which section should we read to get the most accurate information on these issues??

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Here’s your simple answer! @Bokuda: Politics...Mori is too influential to be pushed aside.

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Sorry, the ‘popular vote’ never counts. Judges, officials and ‘super-delegates’ will ‘RULE as THEY see fit’.

“Sports’ are like politics” and..., “Politics’ are a sport”.

‘Take it or Leave it, like American elections, Blue Team or, Red Team, in the last 30 years, ‘citizens have no real power’.

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6.8% judge him even qualified for the job we pay him to do.

That's even worse than the 7% approval rate he had as PM.

How can someone so consistently useless be so indispensable? Today's news says if Mori resigns, there will be no Olympics.

Point 1: Good

Point 2: Why is there nobody else doing a better job than Mori at this shambles we have mortgaged our grandchildren for?

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Wowzers. Japan lobbied so hard for so long to get The Olympics and I bet they wish they could turn back the clock now. It really does seem to be a case of 'be careful what you wish for'. What a huge mess this all is.

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Why is there nobody else doing a better job than Mori at this shambles we have mortgaged our grandchildren for?

There are many comparisons that could be made about who (or what) is more capable than Mori, but those comments would soon be deleted for reasons of vulgarity.

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Only 60%?

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