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91 PGA brass to resign over yakuza scandal


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I'm sure it would be difficult swinging a golf club with a missing pinky finger.

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What a load of crap, they all resign and then all get their job backs in January!?

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Golf and yaks are like love and marriage. Still lots of golf clubs that are yak owned too.

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four vice chairmen and some 20 board directors, will voluntarily step down to help restore public trust in the body

Because the "public" cares so much about the "body".

Over-inflated ego much?

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So, we have the Yaks in golf, sumo, baseball, the construction industry, Fukushima clean up, implicated in an assassination of the gyoza king, countless protection rackets and gambling rackets, the cops know who the leaders are, but do nothing. It's pretty clear who actually runs this country.

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I could write volumes on this but suffice it to say that Japanese pro golf (men's and ladies') has been controlled by the Yakuza for decades. I personally know one Japanese female ex-pro who is still caught in this web. The Yaks help a young player make the tour and they are owned by the Yaks forever. (i.e. playing with Yaks and their clients and free lessons for Yaks and their clients).

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@Gaijintoday - Yes, it would! I use an interlocking grip. If I lost my right pinkie I would have to give up the game!

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As long as the politician are embraced by them, the police will do nothing.

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Corruption, lies, and politics. How did we get the Olympics? Boy they are really doing damage control on this one - in the same week Inose resigns over a scandal. Yup, all is well Japan. Put those smiles on.

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Dancing with the devil will get you, fast or slow, a trip to hell...

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