After U.S. Open drama, Osaka savors Australian Open triumph

By Ian Ransom

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I think Osaka is AWESOME for women's tennis!!!

If there is anyone that represents the 21st century, it is her!!

And, to be honest, I am ready to move on from the Williams sisters and all of the various stars from Europe!! No disrespect to them, but Osaka is a breath of fresh air!!

I look forward to seeing her at the French Open and Wimbledon, two "new" surfaces for her!!

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I agree. Most of the current stars have been there too long. Their longevity is amazing and should be commended; however, many of the new ones also seem cut from the same cloth. A new face for the sport will help it grow and reach more people. Particularly the US where interest in the sport has declined because outside of Serena Williams, there is no one that really makes headlines in America.

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She's not there for holding speeches. Her playing is absolutely awesome, and that's all what matters. Lucky someone got rid of Serena "the mother", so the winner could proper enjoy her moment...

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She deserves to be champion. She put the work in and the better player one. That’s it. As far the American crowds sneering and unhappy. Well get over it. And I am an American. I agree with JJ Jetplane and zones2surf. The Williams sisters Federer, Nadal, have had their day. I have enjoyed watching Rodger be so dominate in the sport. He is the GOAT in men's Tennis in my opinion. Both Williams sisters over came so much as well coming up in the sport. Due to their ethnicity. I must agree. Osaka is so exciting to watch and if she stays healthy and driven for Tennis. She is going to win her fair share of titles.

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Bit weird to celebrate the success of a new young great player and world champion to boot, by "dissing on" her older opponents.

Where I come from longevity in sports at the highest level, is to be admired, respected and marvelled at.

In fact it's bordering on insane to think that players like S Williams and Federer are still top 10 competitive at their ages and stages, esp considering how unbelievably deep world tennis talent goes these days, and how toturous the world season is spread over 11 months. No other sport demands so much.

And as in any era new wonder talents are admired and everyone hopes they can meet the challenges ahead.

Some young guns to watch include Siniakova, Sabalenka, Barty, de Minaur, Tsitsipas.

But the "oldies" will be around for a while to mesmerize us, with todays Aus Open Mens final between Nadal & Djokovic being a classic for the ages - on current form. A celebration of long term greatness I hope.

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I don't think any of us were speaking badly about the great players that have enjoyed long and successful careers. It is just that after a while, you want to see someone that can step up and challenge those greats. The old players are still playing at the top of their game and its amazing to see them. But it becomes boring when you always see the same names over and over. You want to see someone step up and win. That is part of the reason why we always root for the underdog.

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Thanks JJ - I agree with your comment about fresh air and underdogs, but some of the snippets were decidedly anti the old brigade. Such as -

"....And, to be honest, I am ready to move on from the Williams sisters and all of the various stars from Europe!!...."

"...Most of the current stars have been there too long..."

"... Lucky someone got rid of Serena "the mother", ..."

"...The Williams sisters Federer, Nadal, have had their day. .."

I can only interpret these comments (Yeah - I know I've picked them out, but...) as negative and "dissing on".

I can't recall that I've ever felt, "C'mon, it's time for new blood", when the old blood is doing sooooo well.

I just enjoy it all.

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