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Ban on ticket scalping comes into force ahead of Tokyo Olympics


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I thought ticket scalping was always illegal. Never stopped the people from trying though.

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Yeah right,I bet the local gangsters have their hands on a good percentage of them already.

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So sites like Viagogo will only allow people to sell spare tickets at or below the face-value price?

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“Violators will face a possible jail term of up to one year”

Ahh, Japan has no one to compare to.

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Funny, I was a season ticket holder of rhe NBA, Golden State Warriors for years and about five years ago, they stopped issuing paper tickets and allow a direct link to 'Ticket Master' for peopke to scalp (cough cough) sell. Cray, cray world...

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Hmm how about shops like daikokuya which make a buisness of selling tickets... often at a steep premium for hard to get popular events?

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There will always be a few guys shouting ari nari masu.There is too much money at stake. Some of the worst are the actual Olympic village members, executives, families, sponsors, officials who try to sell their unwanted free tickets, to make another few dollars on top of their high salaries, travel allowances and expenses.

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It says tickets distributed for free are not subject to this ban. So that means IOC officials that get their tickets for free can scalp them for as much as they want?

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So "scalping" is legal if you're a corporation, but not if you're a common riff-raff peasant.

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Really good move by the Abe Cabinet. Tokyo 2020 should not be about making profits or cash grab. It will be about athletes winning medals, showcasing Cool Japan and welcoming several million foreign tourists to watch the sports!

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