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Chiefs defense comes through 31-20 victory over 49ers in Super Bowl


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Hail to the Chiefs! Mahomes is a bad man and no deficit is too great for him to overcome.

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So, is this the Grand Final of gridiron football?

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The 49ers wound up playing the Chiefs and the refs. A very bad call on KC's go-ahead TD.

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So happy to see a team who hasn't won the big one in a long time take home the Lombardi, as well as it being an exciting game.

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Solid, enjoyable game.

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That was a good game. Chiefs never said die and came from behind to win their first championship in over 50 years. Congratulations to Kansas City (which by the way, is located in the state of Missouri; not Kansas, as Trump incorrectly stated).

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I think both teams have everything to be proud of. Well done, guys!

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Congratulations, that was a great come back.

Donny congratulated the Chiefs for doing Kansas proud ! ROFL!!!!!

High time WH hires a fact checker for our Dumb chief!

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Good game! Chiefs should have been there last year but Pats had their way like they usually do in the Playoffs. Always enjoy seeing a Bay Area team lose lol

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Ultimately a tale of two bombs, Mahomes hit his when the game looked lost on that 3rd and 15 and then Garoppolo overthrew his on another third down when his man looked open. It would have been a go-ahead score inside the two minute warning.

SF put themselves in a position to win the game, but what had seemed inevitable eventually happened. A bit too much defense/misfiring for it to be a classic, but not a bad game on the whole.

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Started out slow but ended in a flurry

KC Chiefs' first championship in 50 years, since the last time the AFL vs. NFL played. The first team to win 3 straight playoff games where each time they faced double-digit deficits

The first Super Bowl for Chiefs Andy Reid's hall-of-fame head-coaching career in 21 years - by far the longest for a head coach before winning a Super Bowl

KC "future hall-of-fame QB" Patrick Mahomes (that's what's he's been called since he was a rookie just 2 years ago) wasn't good for more than 3 quarters, including INTs on 2 consecutive drives, but made up for it with 3 straight TDs in the last 7 minutes. Making him the youngest QB ever to earn a NFL MVP (last year) and a Super Bowl. 7 years ago in 2013 when he was only in high school, he tweeted this:


I bet it feels amazing to be the quarterback who says "I'm going to Disney World" after winning the Super Bowl #Qbs

-- 6:19 PM · Feb 6, 2013

Though Chiefs RB Damien Williams should had been the Super Bowl MVP

49ers had a peak 96% chance of winning with 7 minutes left in the game - the 2nd highest for a team that lost in the Super Bowl. Only the Atlanta Falcon's 99% in the 2016 Super Bowl being higher. What do both have in common? The same playcaller - current 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan - he can't close them out

More than 17 million Americans are expected to call out off work on Monday. And that doesn't include students. Hopefully the University of Kansas has considered that student body petition:


(Although Kansas City is across the river in Missouri)

Halftime show Shakira playing the drums and 50-year-old J-Lo athletically dancing on the pole, then joining 11-year-old daughter Emme sing (the most tweeted part in the event)

And of course, shelter Puppy Bowl and Kitten Bowl up for adoption:



But let's be honest, who are the real winners tonight - the top Super Bowl commercials:


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Btw, the Super Bowl on 02/02/2020 is a palindrome date in both the MM/DD/YYYY format and the DD/MM/YYYY format

The last palindrome date in all formats was a long time ago, 909 years on 11/11/1111

The next will come in just 101 years on 12/12/2121

But after that, not until 03/03/3030 - if we're still using the same formats then

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"The Chiefs forced the San Francisco 49ers into a pair of punts in the fourth quarter, when they were facing a double-digit deficit for the third straight game,"

"third straight game"????? Am I missing something here?

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@Hakman, actually it would have been 4th down rather than first and goal. And it would have forced the games most difficult decision, go for it or kick the tying field goal. But, as you say, they looked at it from every angle and there wasn’t enough evidence to overturn the call.

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