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'Constantly learning' Imanaga off to impressive start with the Chicago Cubs


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He's been on fire pretty much ever game!

$53 million, four-year contract 

Quite a bargain compared with Ohtani's $170 million, ten-year contract but Ohtani goes both ways.

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Unfortunately Cubs hitters have only scored 5 runs in his last 4 starts.

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@Speed--The Ohtani contract is the most expensive ever, but pays little in the short term. It is for 700 million, but 680 million of that is defered until a ten year period starting in 2023.

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My bad, 68 million a year starting in 2033.

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In today's game with the jacked-up ball and shorter fences, what he's doing is especially amazing. I check the box scores when he's pitched and am truly amazed. It's a long season and his ERA will no doubt slide upwards, BUT -- maybe not.

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I wish they’d televise more of Imanaga’s games.

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