Dentsu's headquarters in Tokyo Photo: REUTERS file

Dentsu lobbied for and funded campaign for Tokyo Olympics, documents show

By Antoni Slodkowski, Mari Saito and Nathan Layne

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Ok That's it. We've always known that the way Tokyo got the bid was through bribery and corruption. Now we find out that Dentsu is involved. I for one WISH with all my heart that the Tokyo Olympics get cancelled, not postponed, and that Dentsu loses A TON of money.

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Who's going to jail then? Oh yeah sorry forgot this is Japan.

14 ( +16 / -2 )

Bribery, corruption and endless lies. These revelations won't be a surprise to anyone, nor Dentsu's role at the heart of it. While there are good people at Dentsu the company itself is evil.

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Dentsu Group Inc donated more than $6 million to Tokyo's successful campaign to host the 2020 Olympics, according to bank records seen by Reuters,

It's Reuters who report this, where's Japanese media?

Article 10 of the IOC’s rules of conduct for cities vying to host the games states that its top tier of advertisers and marketing partners “shall refrain from supporting or promoting any of the cities” in order to “preserve the integrity and neutrality” of the bidding process.

14 ( +15 / -1 )

And now Dentsu is charging the domestic sponsors for 1 extra year of sponsorship money which is mindblowing and should be illegal. These companies have signed up for an event and that event has not been delivered. If anything these sponsors are entitled to a partial rebate and an apology. It is completely immoral and unethical and in conflict with normal procedures.

Dentsu always eats from both sides. They are exclusive marketing agents to j league aswell and minority shareholders in DAZN, holder of j league tv rights at the same time. Conflicts of interest are everywhere

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Why should it be surprising that Dentsu is involved? It's unfortunate but no matter how much dirt comes up no one is going to be prosecuted because the IOC, JOC, and GOJ are all hell bent on having the games.

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Funny that France said the same thing about Rio and now Tokyo. I wonder if France's hands are clean?

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At the end of July, JOC chief Takeda approved the first payment to Tan’s company Black Tidings, a transfer of nearly $1 million, bank records seen by Reuters show.

Tokyo won the Olympics in September.

A month later, Tan received a second payment of $1.3 million from Tokyo’s campaign committee, bank records show. 

Takeda then stepped down from both the IOC and the JOC.

Tokyo’s bid certainly appears to have been corrupt.

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Tokyo’s bid certainly appears to have been corrupt.

Every Olympics bid is corrupt.

remember Abe took a trip to the middle east just before the Argentinian vote?

Yeah, that was the payoff. Not in cash but in promises, the cash went through Singapore.

Omotenashi what a shill Christel Takigawa is.

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I wonder if this will get reported in the Japanese media.

9 ( +9 / -0 )

Dentsu, you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.

12 ( +13 / -1 )

With its overwhelming influence on the media Dentsu has made having the Olympics in 2021 a national neccessity.

By bombarding the population with the benefits of the games it has managed to turn a sceptical,but easily led, public into one that is willing to go along with its idea even with Covid very much a threat.

Someone on here the other day called Dents Japan's 'Ministry of Propaganda' with news like the above I must agree.

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Dentsu Group Inc donated more than $6 million

Surely that's invested. With exponential ROI.

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Has there ever been anything positive reported about this scuzzy company? Ever? Isn't this the same company that was working that young girl to the ground so she committed suicide? Bribery, fraud, payouts, skirting labor laws and on and on. When are they gonna finally get rid of this plague?

8 ( +9 / -1 )

Dentsu/LDP/Construction Conglomerates, a triumvirate from Hell. Everything in Japan is such a charade.

12 ( +12 / -0 )

Rotten to the core.

13 ( +13 / -0 )

So Dentsu got their bid the same way Tokyo and Nagano got their Olympic bids... how unsurprising.

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I am still amazed countries actually WANT to host the olympics. Short term bump in economy for hotels and transportation paid for with tax money when 90% of the people get no benefit

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Instead of getting angry to them lying and bribing and basically working staff to death, we should look up to them as role models for future generations of Japanese young people.

They turned $6 million into $6 billion in one year! Now that is enterprise!

3 ( +5 / -2 )

Whaaaat! Unbelievable! Never in Japan! And no doubt knowing authorities here they will get to the bottom of it immediately, the people involved will receive prison sentences, and the Olympics cancelled for the sake of tarnished honour.

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Person who urged bribery is present prime minister Suga when he was chief cabinet office secretary.

Olympic 2020 should be cancelled.

Japan's weakenized mainstream media avoid to mention about this issue as ever.

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The COVID-19 Games. Dying to get to the finish line.

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It's Reuters who report this, where's Japanese media?

Well, we know that if the media speaks Dentsu pulls advertisement. Can’t let that happen, can we? Money honey!

Sigh. Another one who thinks he’s smarter than the rest & can get away with it.

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Business as usual when it comes to the Olympics.

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In an alternate reality, a juster parallel world Japan: The LDP and Suga government falls due to the scandal and its' ties to Dentsu, Tarō Yamamoto and the Reiwa party are elected by a fed up and tired public, an Dentsu and its assets are nationalized and used for pandemic relief and reconstruction.

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