Despite reports, Tom Brady hasn't made up mind about retiring


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Wow, good for Japan Today !

You guys just scooped the NY Times in announcing this !

They are still saying he's only considering retiring.

Good job!

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It only a rumor

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Report was updated about 40 minutes after it was initially reported on AP to the following

AP sources: Despite reports, Tom Brady hasn’t made up mind


Despite reports that he is retiring, Tom Brady has told the Tampa Bay Buccaneers he hasn’t made up his mind, two people familiar with the details told The Associated Press.

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If he is retiring, good luck to him (like he needs that) but many opponents will be glad to see the GOAT leave. The game will move on but it won't be the same and it was a privilege to see the man play as he took excellence to another level.

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Then why you reported it LOL

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If this is true, it is a bummer of a day for football fans. You can't say, "I like football, but I don't like Tom Brady."

Not only is it the end of a career, it marks the end of an era. With Brady, Roethlisberger, Brees, and possibly Rodgers retiring soon, an era of quarterbacking is over and a new one is taking hold. Gone are the days of guys like this standing at the line and reading the defense and then dissecting it in a matter of seconds while staying in the pocket, making plays with their minds over their bodies. Mental agility and processing over physical performance. Now, guys like Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson use their physical ability to cause defenses to breakdown - moving a lot more and getting defenders out of place, or buying time until the receivers get something to develop. They are just as much a threat to take off running as they are to toss it 25 yards across their bodies while running to the sideline. While I hate to see the previous era go, the new one is pretty exciting too.

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Did y'all change the headline??

As for Brady there should be and over/under on the number of times he will retire before he actually does!

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He cannot declare until after February 4, as he has a $15M deferred portion of his original Tampa Bay signing bonus due him on that day. If he retired now, he'd be off the roster and unable to collect.

Mark this down, he retires NEXT weekend, $15M richer than he is today.

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