Djokovic back in immigration detention in Australia


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Djokovic who is caught in an unresponsive, dictatorial system. The immigration minister, under the guise of national security, has been given almost unlimited powers to play with refugees’ lives; this has been colloquially referred to as “God Power.”

In Australia, refugees are unprotected by the law and, at the same time, are victims of the law. History shows that the media and public may pay attention for a moment, but once the celebrity spotlight moves on, the public will likely forget about the refugees and the systematic torture will go on. This cruel and dangerous cycle will only end when the people of Australia use their power to halt this systematic violence.

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No room for conspiracy theorist nutcase lunatics in AUS.

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This guy has serious mental issues.

Do everyone a favour - pack your bags & go home.

Nobody wants you here

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Also this does not stack up. Yesterday the Australian Government change health laws by allowing A systematic worker of Omicrom able to go back to work with no isolation. Plus It took 5 days to make the decision that Djokovic is a Health danger the the Australian public. This will not fly. So a infectious person are allow in public but a non infectious person (Djokovic) is not and class a health risk to Australian. This don’t make sense. Just on Health concern it should be thrown out. The other reason state by Hawke is this will upset the anti vaccinated community which only 5% of the voting public which less then the general population and cause civil disorder. That is definitely stretching the bow. Either way the Djokovic case go, it will not effect civil disorder. There is more civil disorder about Morrison lying. The Bridging visa will be issue and that will be the last we hear if this stupid inept Morrison Government on the Djokovic saga.

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IMO djoker played himself, with the facts as they are could the border agency give him a pass and do nothing. He only has himself to blame

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He lied about his covid infection, lied about his travel and gives credit to lies about vaccines...

The last one is just stupidity but the first two are enough to get booted out.

Good for Australia!

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This guy is just on one big ego trip.

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A lot of people are questioning how he gets to the expedited high court, (potentially with THREE judges) Hefty costs too ( which their tax will be paying for). Mr or Ms average Joe could be waiting months or even years for such hearings. And what happens if he loses and courts rule against the minister’s decision. What sort of precedent does this create for those locked up already for years ( yes years) in the same hotel.

BTW the minister has now acknowledged he is little threat to public health and he is illegally in Australia. He is being deported for other reasons such as creating anti vaccine sentiment and this what his expedited court case is about, not those other issues put to rest by the minister himself and not part of it. Please keep up to date with the saga.

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Sorry the minister has acknowledged he is not illegally in the country and this pointes not part of the coming court case

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Sorry the minister has acknowledged he is not illegally..

Where is this stated?

I was under the impression that there is no provision for unvaccinated non-residents to enter Australia.

Let's remember, the only reason he still is in Australia is because of a procedural error - the border force jumped the gun and didn't wait until 8:30am to try and deport him as promised.

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By this point his vaccination status is no longer the problem, lying about several important details, with plenty of evidence of it, is what complicates his situation. Seeing how openly he flaunted the rules to get his visa makes it appear as if did it on purpose to demonstrate he could get away with it.

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What exactly is the health concern with letting Djokovic into the country?

If he gets seriously ill from omicron, that's his problem, but we know that won't happen.

If others are worried about getting sick, they should get vaccinated.

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please read the age or abc with numerous stories about what the minister is claiming in this latest visa cancellation and what the court case is about. It is not that he is here illegally any more. That is not part of it and the minister acknowledged it

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Most of comment could not of done any research but by only read headline. There comment are boarding on racial undertones. So he lied cheated rich and Serbian but that no basis to go against the country own laws. It been ready Judge has braking it own rules to cancel the visa. These are our your rules of Rules based ordered Society if you endorse how this Government is acting China must hold dear to you ethos.

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I read the SMH - nothing in there about the minister saying he wasn't in the country illegally.

The fact that his travel card is incorrect means he has broken the law - this is a fact.

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This pandemic has been incredibly difficult for every Australian

… because of how the government opted to handle it.

It hasn’t been too unbearable here in Japan with no freedom invoking lockdowns.

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@John san Your guest comment about refugees not protected by the law, where did you get that from? I’m sure you will find they are and they often have adequate legal representation too. I can’t understand some of your other comments…

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You can boycott it. Take a stand.

Already have.

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No Money in Immigration litigation

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so you have read that what you call the the fact he lied, broke the law etc etc is simply NOT why the minister is cancelling his visa NOT part of the discussion in the court case for tomorrow and NOT part of whether he will be deported. You can go on about it as much as you like but the minister has moved on and the court case is what it is now, irrespective of what was, which is largely irrelevant now by the choosing of the minister himself in what grounds he is using

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What is the result of Djokovic being deported or not ????This as been ask. I we try to reply staying within forum rules and try not to stray of Topic. Only Rules base ordered Societies have international events. Social, education, religious and sports my favorite. Team events and those representing their Country will be effected. Eg the man/women Indian cricket teams would definitely think about send a team to Australia After the baning any direct flight from India to Australia which is still in play. Australia are still sending their own airforce to fly out uninflected fully vaccinated Australian citizens in loads of 200 at a time per fortnight at the most. Now India seeing now kicking out out the No 1 world Tennis player who had a legal visa. That is how they will see the rest is irrelevant and not just India. They will say for a rules based ordered Society these are very weird actions.

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Holy jail Batman he is back in detention

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Some provisions for unvaxed non residents to enter...medical, religious, age, cultural etc

Check it out yourselves

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What's the problem his supporters ask?

Well simple, if I as a non Australian citizen gave false information to Australian immigration authorities, I would be refused entry, he gave no just one but multiple false declarations.

Now the first excuse was his manager checked the wrong box.

Sorry but the rules and laws are very clear not just in Australia but most western countries, "you" sign "you are responsible" for the declaration and information on the declaration.

Why do people think he or any other celebrity should get special treatment?

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No room for conspiracy theorist nutcase lunatics in AUS.

Exactly , As much as the conspirasheep dont like it Australian are not against rich or famous people,

they just really hate prima donnas that think their fame or wealth puts them about everybody else especially when it comes to Australias laws. Believe me the immigration minister didnt have a choice but to follow the laws they laid out regarding covid, backlash from Australians to these politicians would mean political suicide. one rule for all, not one for you and one for me.

why do you think not many famous or rich people survive in Australian politics. Australia is one of the highest ranked countries regarding government corruption,meaning very little of it. paying off politicians or giving your buddies preferential treatment is a sure way to get you kicked out really fast. some call it the tall poppy syndrome. and it keeps the rich and famous honest or the public backlash is brutal

Fact Novax lied on his entry forms, came in unvaxxed. that in itself has seen many people deported.

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you make no sense at all - YOU claimed the minister acknowledges Djokovic is not in the country illegally. I asked you for proof of that - you said read this paper and that paper - I did and nowhere is that stated. In other words, you made it up, else you would just cut/paste the relevant quote.

Don't get mad just because someone asked you to provide evidence of something.

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Australia are still sending their own airforce to fly out uninflected fully vaccinated Australian citizens in loads of 200 at a time per fortnight at the most.

and everybody has to quarantine in a government center

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you still have not read why his visa was cancelled a second time or you have difficulty understanding the issues. . Personally I am not for or against either the player or the minister. I was just making the issues clear

here it is again

As you can see the minister has accepted the issue of the false declaration and this is NOT part of the reason for his visa being canceled. This is what the minister said

the minister said one of Djokovic's agents has provided a statutory declaration saying the incorrect information was her fault.

The minister said he has assumed the declaration to be true.

Likewise in the list of reasons the reasons for his visa being canceled do you see him being illegally in the country mentioned? No you dont dont, because it is not there so that means it is not a reason that the court will be considering so it ti snot an issue the minister has chosen to follow.

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Terrible news.

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Well at least he succeeded in making a lot of people very happy

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Mr Hawke, has now conceded all matters in dispute in that case and accepts that Djokovic, due to a recent COVID-19 infection, had a valid medical reason and exemption to travel here without being vaccinated.

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Free Willy 2

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