Fired Japan soccer coach Halilhodzic sues JFA for 1 yen and apology

By Stephen Wade

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Good luck to him - he was treated very shabbily by the JFA.

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Go coach Vahid!

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The JFA said Halilhodzic was fired for a "lack of communication."

Then the JFA failed to communicate the reasons for his dismissal. See how this stuff works? It’s quite unbelievable actually. Go Vahid. Make the big babies squirm. If you can’t have the difficult conversations, you simply shouldn’t be in positions of power. Read a leadership book or something, there’s a bunch to choose from.

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He should be thankful, since Japan has saved him from the humiliation of three straight losses at the group stage.

It doesn't matter who coaches the Japan Team, it is guaranteed to lose all matches.

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"Lack of communication" means absolutely nothing and definitely not grounds to just fire someone. The JFA doesn't want to explain it because they can't. Sounds more like a personal issue the JFA has with Halilhodzic. Good luck to the JFA trying to get in quality and experienced managers in the future if this is how they operate.

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Not like he outperformed.  And suing for 1 yen an an apology is stupid.  If this winds ita way thru the Japan court system could take years.  He will end up managing some second rate club somewhere -which is pretty much his level.

How about Arsene Wenger for the job?

And if not him they will throw piles of money at someone.

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did they violate terms of his contract? funny there is no mention of a contract in any of this.

any contract can be terminated if the payout is big enough

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I doubt we'll be seeing anything on TV news with a couple hundred reporters and JFC bowing in apology which will be milked for 3 months.

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