Gauff gets U.S. Open showdown vs. Osaka; Townsend stuns Halep


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Great to see Naomi winning again!  Ganbatte!

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If Naomi is smart, and I'm quite sure she is, she will stay far away from that loser 'krapperdick'.

Naomi appears to be a very honorable person where as the k-dick is a very dishonorable piece of garbage. He is a complete embarrassment to any professional sport. Myself, as well as many others, will no longer purchase any nike products. He is a loser x 10+!!

Naomi, if you by chance read this, stay away from that moron, please. He would bring you down with him. Even many black people here in the US don't want anything to do with him. Anyone who supports him are just as bad! They all lack honor.

Japanese philosophy is about honor and integrity.

The k-dick has none!!!

Nike needs to re-think about how they want to present themselves as an honorable company with integrity. As long as they endorse this idiot, they will never achieve that goal.

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You go, girl!

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she needs to prove that her US open win was not an accident... big challenge... keep it up

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Naomi, of course

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Her Aussie open victory already showed that.

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Colin Kaepernick and Kobe Bryant were in Naomi's player box

It'd be interesting where they'd be when Naomi plays against Coco

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