Halilhodzic returns to find out why he was fired as Japan's soccer coach


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Japanese football sucks cos they play with japanese social rules in a game where i n d i v i d u a l skill and strength are a must!

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If you're gonna fire a guy then at least have the courtesy and guts to tell him exactly why. What a drag he had to fly all the way back just to find out what he should already know.

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Next - Wenger Japan ?

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No victories, that's the explanation.

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Would be filthy if I were VH. The bloke has worked his A## off to qualify to the wc and is terminated a couple of months before the main event.

If I were a NT coach I would include a termination clause in my contract that defines clearly the circumstances under which they can/can't fire me at such short notice. Imo, the bloke who qualified the team should be the one leading it at the wc.

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Not good timing.

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Japanese style to not accept foreign style.

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Jeez, you’d think the federation would at least sit down with him and explain the reason for his dismissal! Not surprised , but daaaang Japan, learn how to have the hard conversations! Leaving everything in the ether just festers. Unbelievable.

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I mean, it is obvious why he was fired, isn't it?

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Perhaps they should also fire the Team ?

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No victories, that's the explanation.

? Japan qualified top of their world cup qualification group. With no victories? I think youre referring to two friendly internationals. One would hope for good form going into the world cup, but no reason to fire him. They used the friendly results to fire him for his unfriendly attitude.

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