Injured badminton star Momota to return to Japan on Wed


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Wishing for a speedy recovery, Momota is at his peak and has many more tournaments to win.

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The driver was killed. Did you not read the article?

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The driver was killed. Did you not read the article?

apologies. Missed that part.

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Shocking that the Olympics was even mentioned. There was a fatality! But hardly surprising - Japan is uniquely nuts about the 5 ring circus.

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Hoping Kento can fully recover. Must be pretty shocked.

And also for the others to recover soon.

Was put off by the news on nhk tonight. The top badminton official ( I think) instead of wishing all those injured well and offering condolences to the family of the deceased driver, instead said directly to the effect "We need him healthy for the olympics".

Priorities I guess.

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World No. 1 men's badminton player Kento Momota, who was injured in a fatal crash in Malaysia, 


anyway wishing the hero speedy recovery.

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