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Iranian judoka refuses to return home after refusing order not to fight Israeli


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While I understand the anger at Israel's ruthless occupation of the Palestinians, I beleive the Iranian authorities should allow thier sportspersons to compete against the Israelis if they want to.

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Good for him!

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What a crappy thing for the Iranian govt to do. Let the athletes compete - they have nothing to do with your politics.

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The Iranian government - a corrupt oppressive gang.

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Mixing religion with politics and with sports, a sure recipe for success...

Islamic countries often do this kind of thing, I don't remember how were they punished previously, but I hope this time the international federation will be strict and ban the Iranian federation until they agree to join the international spirit of sportmanship.

And Japan could show some class here and give the guy refugee status, and even citizenship, let him compete for Japan.

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they have nothing to do with your politics.

My first thought was that this isn’t about politics, but the idiotic consequences of organized religions running nations, any nation.

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The Iranian government - a corrupt oppressive gang.

Same as the white supremacist pseudo-christian fascist white house gang..

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Are they that afraid to lose to Israel?

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He'll get on fine in Tokyo. There is a great group of Iranian dissenters or apoliticals who have lived here for decades.

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All countries should boycott sport with Israel. It helped bring the end of apartheid South Africa... It may help to end apartheid in occupied Palestine?

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Suspend the relevant entities that went against the spirit of competition

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sounds like a convenient excuse to stay illegally!

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Sounds like a convenient excuse to stay legally!

It is not illegal to be a refugee if you fear for your safety in your own country.

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