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Ireland thrash below-par Japan 60-5


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This is a usual typical begrudging article on Ireland. It wasn't that Japan were so bad. Ireland were absolutely outstanding running, passing (even prop Tadhg Furlong passing and running at japan as if he was a young wing back) and mauling like it was a practice session. They were simply awesome and didn't allow Japan to get into gear. So the Blossoms shouldn't be discouraged. Any of the best teams in the world at present would have struggled with that Irish performance. If they can do it again next week it will be a real test for the men in black.

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Time for Japan to import some more mercenaries?

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Why weren’t Ireland wearing green ?

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Great play by Ireland's kiwis. Three tries to their imports

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Somehow, the nickname "blossoms" doesn't quite fit the image of rugby.

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Ireland team is full of non-Irish, Japan is full of non-Japanese. What a joke 'international' rugby has become.

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Ireland team is full of non-Irish, Japan is full of non-Japanese. What a joke 'international' rugby has become.

I agree. What a farce.

Why weren’t Ireland wearing green ?

Because they’re not Irish?

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Completely agree on the calls to limit the number of ‘imported’ players currently playing for national sides, its becoming a joke. It should go back to grandparents having had citizenship in that country, unless you’ve lived in the country and gained nationality and not played competitive international rugby for another side.

Though unsuccessful, the England football team will only select players born or brought up in England, it should be the standard for all sports.

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The England football team may not be the best example... not many have "English" grandparents.

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You guys whining about international players aren't rugby fans are you?

To play for the international teams you have to he born there, have a grandparent from there or have lived in the country for 60 consecutive months before playing or have 10 years cumulative living there to play.

You can't just 'import' players. Most of them have been playing locally for years.

It's a great system.

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It is not only Japan who have foreign born rugby players in their team. At the 2019 world cup, Japan, Scotland and Australia each had players born in 7 different nations.

Understandable why nations want to play foreign born players, from a talent perspective. But It is a bit strange to have so many players playing for a nation who are not even citizens. Just my opinion.

Good luck next game, Brave Blossoms!

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Fighto.... Many if the "born outside" Scotland players are born to Scottish parents in England. They are brought up believing they are "Scottish", they dream of playing for Scotland. Very different to the Aussies and Kiwis not quite good enough to play for their own countries who move to Japan to play professional rugby then "magically" qualify to play for Japan.

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Nz beats Italy 47-9 and its their worst game of the season according to the scribes and I concur, bit of a shambles.

SA just beat Wales and Ireland blow Japan off the park...Next week should be the Litmus test for the Abs v Ireland but shame Abs couldn't play the poms!

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Irish New Zealanders beat Japanese United Nations.

World Rugby is a farce with the ability of random imports to represent countries they can't vote in.

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RE: " the England football team will only select players born or brought up in England"

Here's the inconvenient truth about just two of Englands best players:

Declan Rice: 2015 Republic of Ireland U16. 2015–2016 Republic of Ireland U17. 2016–2017 Republic of Ireland U19. 2017–2018 Republic of Ireland U21. 2018 Republic of Ireland. 2019– England.

Jack Grealish: 2011–2012 Republic of Ireland U17. 2012–2013 Republic of Ireland U18. 2013–2014 Republic of Ireland U21. 2020– England.

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BTW, NZ and Australia's sports teams (including rugby) are full of people whose ancestors came from Ireland or Britain.

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