Japan's baseball league to start on June 19

By Jack Tarrant

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Koshien is like Fenway or Wrigley in America. Old stadium that probably should be torn down, but has decades of tradition and history. Not sure what Koshien has to do with this article though. Seems off topic.

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Discussing Koshien's worthiness to safely seat spectators is certainly on-topic.

Personally, I love Koshien, especially when compared to modern Japanese ballparks which remind me of the horrible "cookie-cutters" built in the 50's and 60's in the US. Horrible monstrosities. (Modern US ballparks, like the ones in Baltimore, SF, and Queens, NY, with their retro designs are another story. They're wonderful.)

A ballpark with such a history and tradition as Koshien should be renovated, or "reformed" as they say here.

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Great! Another sports league announces that they’re going to be opening up! And it’s good that it’s Nippon baseball too. Now, I’ll just have to see how things go. And the athletes have several weeks for training and practice, so I think we might see some better baseball out of that.

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