Japan to require COVID-19 tests for Olympic athletes, draft shows


Organizers of next year's delayed Olympic Games will require coronavirus tests of foreign athletes upon their arrival in Japan, draft measures released on Wednesday show.

Japanese athletes and other participants living in Japan will face the same requirements, according to the measures, which are still being discussed.

Although foreign athletes and other participants will not have to undergo a two-week quarantine period, virus tests will be required on arrival and departure, under the plan.

Organizers also propose to limit travel within Japan for athletes, who will be restricted to such places as towns hosting national delegations and training sites.

The pandemic, which has infected more than 31.3 million people and killed about 964,000 worldwide, has prompted hard questions about the viability of next year's Games, even as new Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga has emphasised their importance.

Japan has avoided the kind of explosive outbreak suffered by nations such as the United States, India and Brazil, with roughly 80,000 infections and about 1,500 deaths to date.

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Good luck with that. If testing on arrival is adequate for athletes why does everyone else also have to quarantine. Makes no sense, either the rules apply to everyone or there is no point having them.

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I’ve got a better idea. Tell them to stay home, cancel the Olympics and keep everyone safe.

1 ( +2 / -1 )

Carry on like this and nobody will want to come.

2 ( +2 / -0 )

Japan's reputation is falling almost as fast as China's.

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It you're Fit, then you may not show symptoms of the virus for much longer than 2 weeks, symptoms will only arise once the body's defenses have weakened enough for it to become apparent.

And 2 weeks sitting around not Training is going to be a problem for these Athletes.

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The IOC should review the list of Sports applicable for inclusion in the Olympics and build up a contingency for remote/virtual sporting events to cater for such eventualities as we are currently facing.

Perhaps a Virtual Olympics could be held, where the Track and Field Athletes do their thing within their own respective Locations under supervision from an Official IOC monitor - and whoever officially scores the best .... wins.

There's no real need to have everyone running around a track "together". And if you recorded each Athletes actual performance, you could literally glue together the results, into a virtual version of the actual race/competition and see how each performed alongside each-other. (Great data for Gaming Companies or Fitness enthusiasts alike).

For contact sports - clearly having a virtual version would be somewhat more problematic. If you caught the Virus between matches would you forfeit your place ? And if so, that could be used by one Nation against another - purposely infecting competitors ? Fencing may be an interesting exception - you could Fence (awkwardly) with breathing apparatus and Hazmat suits on, one tear to your suit, and game over...

The Olympics is a great sporting event opportunity for people to come together and for fans to see their idols, it also helps promote various sports - however, the inflexibility of the IOC's antiquated approach to Sporting events has recently become very apparent, and is is they, who are the ones who need to rethink matters, rather than the hosting Nation. For now, the IOC are a bit like those who were in charge of the "Titanic" - declaring that everything's fine, no need to panic or do anything, things will be okay.... right ?

Hopefully things will change over time... hopefully.

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What kind of message are you sending Japanese people when you constantly insist the Olympics are more important (to you) than they are?

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