Japanese pro baseball opening delayed again; no date set for resumption


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Sports is a leisure activity that can easily be saved from attending in all manners.

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They can still play, but limit it to a televised audience. Same for concerts. The players, coaches, performers, crew members, etc can be tested beforehand, facilities disinfected, and other precautions taken.

In fact, it could help boost morale, and make shelter-in-place a little more tolerable with some new live entertainment to watch on the old TV.

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Compared to Yakyuu, watching the grass grow would be more interesting.

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GOOD! I mean, good that they have not set a date for resumption, since they can't possibly know and the let's decide in two weeks is getting ridiculous. Actually, they should just flat out cancel for the year. It stinks, but letting people think there might be a season starting in a couple weeks.... nah, a week after that... nah, in a half month... nah, in 14 days... nah, we haven't decided, is decidedly worse.

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I totally agree with the decision, but at the same time feel a bit sad. It just doesn’t feel like spring without baseball.

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I will miss the really annoying repetetive chants and drums. My favorite part of watching Japanee sports.

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