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Los Angeles Angels' Shohei Ohtani runs to first as he flies out during the sixth inning of a preseason baseball game against the Los Angeles Dodgers in Los Angeles on Sunday. Image: AP

MLB 2023: New rules, big money Mets, Ohtani's walk year

By Ronald Blum

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@speed--The fielder who kept playing with his broken pinkie in a splint was Sosuke Genda. The Mets new pitcher, Kodai Senga, declined to join the WBC squad so he could have a regular MLB spring training for the first time. Their last names are quite similar.

If Ohtani is a purist of his sport, he will take a shorter deal and go to one of the old school teams like the Cardinals to grind peppery wins with Ta-chan.

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Yoshida was on a hot streak during the WBC, so the Sox should try and give him a lot of playing time.

If Ohtani, after this year, were to head an hour and a half south to San Diego and join his buddy Darvish and newly acquired Bogaerts, he'd have a good chance of getting a World Series pennant. Along w/ Musgrove, that'd be a heavy bullpen.

If the big O wants big cash, it seems like the Mets get first prize for dishing out wheelbarrows of cash. Plus, "broken finger Senga" would be sitting next to him and he did all right too in the WBC.

I really hope to God that these game-shortening measures work cuz they really have gotten looooooong.

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If, by chance, ohtani wants to make colossal coin and fame, he had better sign with someone like say the Yankees or Dodgers.

It just ain't gonna happen with the fallen angels.

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