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MLB concerned at number of strikeouts, says Torre

By Jack Tarrant

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One of the reasons why baseball is an extremely boring sport to watch, and sometimes even to play.

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start a major league T-ball league

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I'd say other rule changes might have a bigger impact on attendance--shorter commercial breaks, fewer mound visits, pitch clocks and requiring relievers to face a minimum of 3 batters. The games are too long, whether you're at the park or watching on TV. An average game last just over 3 hours. And it's not like it's only MLB games that have seen fewer fans showing up--the NHL, NFL and especially major college sports have as well.

I still like going to the park on occasion but I get the appeal of just chilling on your sofa while surfing on your phone.

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Seems every pitcher throwing fireballs now especially relievers; pitching matchups dissected into a science; the prevalence of the "shift" (and the main way to beat the "shift" without hitting the ball the other way is to hit the ball over the defenders' heads but there's few holes, so it got to be homerun); "chicks dig the long balls;" players get paid more for hitting HRs than for batting average (nobody cares how many times they strike out); etc.

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Baseball is so slow.

Put a timer on the pitcher per batter, perhaps 35 sec to get 4 throws. 15 sec between batters. Speed it up.

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It's less the time elapsed and more that there's not much action during the time

It's homerun or strikeout nowadays - no more runners on base, stringing together a bunch of hits, etc.

So nothing's going on besides pitcher vs. batter - no goings on in the bases, tactics, feints, mind games, etc.

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It's like nothing else's got your attention while waiting for the next pitch

It's like waiting for the elevator but nothing to do while waiting there just standing - if they put something there for ya to do while waiting (like a mirror to fix yourself), it doesn't feel like the elevator is taking that long (instead it feels like time flies by). Thank goodness we have smartphones now to take our attention away while waiting, lol

So it's the same thing on the baseball field - if there's other things keeping your attention besides just waiting for the next pitch (like what's going on around the bases), then the time elapsed won't feel so long and empty. They need to avoid empty time as much as possible - the same amount of time, but filled with other attention, won't feel as long

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