Man Utd inflict first Spurs defeat for Mourinho as Liverpool romp clear


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Looks like Ole is 'Gunnar' be at the wheel for a bit longer. Sorry.

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Liverpool Everton Derby was a game and could have gone another way. Everton players never gave up and scored twice but five brilliant goals from Liverpool put an end to the game. Sad to see Everton in the bottom three in the league. I expect their manager will be gone now.

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I went against my usual habit of never betting against Everton and backed Liverpool to win by 2 or more goals. It was a cert even with a half-strength Liverpool side. One of my Kopite mates was angry with Klopp for feeling the need to play Mane against that crap.

Utter crap. Humiliating. First time Liverpool have hit 5 against Everton in over 30 years. The Merseyside Derby is now a fixture that Liverpool don’t even feel the need to put out their best side for.

Can we please have a new manager now?

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Despite being a Red I feel for you Jimizo. Even in the past inferior Everton teams have been able to raise their game for the derby and get a draw or push Liverpool hard. I didn't see that last night, they couldn't wait to get off the pitch.

Silva will be out by next Monday surely. Who do you want to replace him? There's talk of Moyes coming back in.

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I posted earlier in the week that I was dreading this game but would rather get a hiding than a battling loss because I want Silva out ASAP. Silva should have been sacked after the Norwich disgrace last week. I’d like to see him sacked today with Unsworth in charge for the Chelsea game on Saturday.

I’d like Eddie Howe but I doubt he’d come and I wouldn’t if I were him. Moyes isn’t ideal but at least he knows the league. A foreign manager untested in this league is too much of a gamble given the situation we are in.

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@Jimizo, didn't Unsworth have a pretty awful stint after Martinez (or Koeman?) got fired? Rumours are that Diego Simeone is being looked at, but I think that's just nonsense. Eddie Howe is a Toffees fan, and Bournemouth aren't doing well so you never know.

I'd avoid Moyes at all costs, I never rated him. Everton should never have sacked Martinez or then Koeman. And I never understood why they were so keen on getting Silva, he'd done nowt.

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didn't Unsworth have a pretty awful stint after Martinez (or Koeman?) got fired?

He had one game an charge after Martínez was sacked and did okay considering the crap and crazy squad he inherited from Koeman ( a squad with 4 number 10s and no decent centre forward ). I’ll take him over Silva.

Moyes did well at Everton on a very limited budget. He bought gems like Coleman, Arteta and Cahill for next to nothing and had us in the top 4 one season and top six challengers in many. Times have changed since then but I’m just interested in staying up at the moment.

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I agree with ClippetyClop's comment that "Looks like Ole is 'Gunnar' be at the wheel for a bit longer."

The victory of the Red Devils over the Spurs could be a curse instead of blessing for MU, as Ole will continue to give false hope to MU supporters.

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