Mariners, Angels get in big brawl after inside pitches; 8 ejected


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Who cares about left coast teams?

People who grew up on the ‘left coast’ and got it drilled into them from birth.

It’s the same phenomenon that dictates which religion people follow.

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Who cares about left coast teams?

People who don't let politics dictate what teams they like?

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Brawling? From the photo I'm pretty sure the opposite teams are high-fiving.

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David it only boring it you allow it. I sledge, sing, cheer out of turn. But don’t get near band, they are at from the start, both side do it no stop. The mascots are in another world, I have pics the Bat boy from the Ham fighter, big chook from the Eagles/ Sendai. Fat Cat from Dream stadium/ Yokohama, Doala the purple koala Nagoya Dome. I went to the Mariner’s / Oakland game Tokyo dome March 2019. I met a Mariner’s fans that few in for just the game, he had a multi colour multi spiked Mohawk. We got to talking and He told me he actually work the bar that the Mariner’s drink at. I reply yeah , na can’t be right, Mariner’s are are bunch of soy lattes drinkers. His mate choked on the beer he was downing. Guest it was the first time they met a Aussie at the baseball.

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Its funny because this exact thing happened in the Naked Gun.

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At least something lit a fire under the butts today and they won. Please Phil keep Thor Jr in as a regular!

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Who cares about left coast teams?

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Did Shohei help his team out?

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Mike Trout is one of the most laidback players in sport. You pissed him off, then you obviously did something wrong. This is on Servais. Your pitcher threw a dangerous pitch. You tell him to apologize or else. Obviously this did not happen and thus today happened.

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Good to see some real emotion on display. Japanese baseball is so boring and predictable by comparison.

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Boys will be boys.

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