Mariners president Mather apologizes for comments, including criticism of Iwakuma's English


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I see no offensive at all comment.

Have people become so weak they need to apologize like for no reason judt to prevent social media mobs to crush them ?

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Maybe his English really does suck?

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it's not that he said anything that wasn't true, it was the fact that they should not have been broadcast for public consumption. he was airing dirty laundry about his own club. now see how hard it might be to resign key players or attract new talent when your team president is known as a loud-mouth.

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...His English suddenly got better...

I've been in some situations where Japanese women started off by saying something to the effect of "I'm not really sure whether I should take that class; perhaps my English isn't up to it..." blah, blah. Either being shy or just making sure that they weren't going over their comfort zone but ending up being in a class that was too easy for them. So... it could be that Hisashi Iwakuma liked having an interpreter because, well, he didn't have to pay the interpreter so why not? Plus, he wasn't sure of speaking "perfect English".

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People do not want to work for leaders who denigrate them. After reading these comments, I realized there is a reason the Mariners are projected to have a 0.0% chance of even making the playoffs this year.

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