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Mayweather cancels Japan kickboxing fight, claiming he was duped


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Right, New Year's Eve, Saitama? I give him the benefit of the doubt for not knowing, but for those who have lived here long enough they know that there is a K-1, MMA, or some type of boxing event held in Saitama and broadcast nationally just about every New Year's Eve.

Sounds more to me like he wasn't going to be given enough cash, that's all!

Oh and how can it be an "official" fight if he is retired? I would think that unless he comes out of retirement any fight he participates in would be for "entertainment" purposes only?

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Awww crap money spoils things (again)

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Awwww, depending on the rules, I was actually looking forward to this.

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Lost in translation?

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20 year old dirty fighter who looks like a host. Didn’t know about him before, but he seems very interesting. His kicks are very strong.

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Agreed to the fight, watched highlights & saw what the J kid could do, re-read the contract and realised kicks were ok, bottled it. Mayweather is a clown.

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The living legend Connor MacGregor should fill the void. He would feel at home in japan

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20 year old dirty fighter who looks like a host. 

Nasukawa does have an aggressive and flamboyant style of fighting, but he does not fight dirty.

Agreed to the fight, watched highlights & saw what the J kid could do, re-read the contract and realised kicks were ok, bottled it.

My thoughts exactly. Mayweather thought he was gonna make easy money “only three rounds with a kid? Hahaha.”

Then he actually watched some replays of Nasukawa’s fights and realized that boxing is no longer the predominant martial art.

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what a coward

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From Mayweather’s own mouth:

First and foremost, I want it to be clear that I, Floyd Mayweather, never agreed to an official bout with Tenshin Nasukawa. In fact (with all due respect) I have never heard of him until this recent trip to Japan.

Looks like “Money” watched some YouTube and chickened out.


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Floyd doesn’t need to fight a kid to prove you wrong! He has already accomplished what other boxers will probably never ever do. He doesn’t need to fight an unknown kid. It’s not about chickened out but just the case of not enough money. He must have made a mistake with reading the amount discussed in yen rather than dollars and upon realizing that error he pulled the plug. Also we don’t really know but maybe the organizers really did blindsided them with the arrangements and Floyd being Floyd went in with the hype and publicity!

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I am aware of that, but the manner in which Mayweather pulled out so quickly after making all the media appearances and tweets does not reflect well on him.

There’s already speculation that part of the payout was Rizin management rights, and that was where an agreement couldn’t be met.

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Was this going to be a real kick boxing match? Or was it to be a boxing match with a kickboxer?

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"He doesn't need to fight an unknown kid"

Yeah, right!

An unknown kid that goes to Thailand and KO's professional Thai boxers;

An unknown kid, who's been a full contact Karateka and Muai Thai, kick-boxer since he was a very young child;

An unknown boxer who at the age of 16 was already destroying all his much older opponents;

An unknown boxer, who was almost certainly going to maul Mayweather if MMA rules were to apply; boxing alone is simply not good enough to compete against an MMA fighter.

Yeah, go on believing that Mayweather "retired" because he misunderstood Yen for dollars!!!

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Seemed a bit hard to Believe when it first came out, so I have no doubt he was lied to and then the media here played it up and changed the rules.

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We've seen many a cocky Fighter taught a lesson. If this were to be a regular boxing match, Mayweather would have schooled that boy.

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Floyd doesn’t need to fight a kid to prove you wrong! He has already accomplished what other boxers will probably never ever do. He doesn’t need to fight an unknown kid.

My first thought after reading this statement was that Mike Tyson and others probably felt the same way about Buster Douglas...

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I knew it wasn't going to happen. Made absolutely not sense. Why would Mayweather come to Japan to fight a no-name, random 20 year old kick boxer, risking his 50-0 record....Plus Raizin doesn't have big budget so probably not paying much neither.

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Just punch the blonde dye out of him.

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It will happen. This is yet another publicity stunt. When the fight is back on again the interest will go through the roof. Read what Kevin Iole says.

Floyd Money was in Seventh and R2 in Roppo last Friday night.

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If its nirmak boxing rules the blond hairdo wouldnt have a snowballs chance in hell.

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Realistically as one other poster mentioned, they probably could not afford him, considering how much money he made in the previous big match.

Judging from that picture, Cygames one of the sponsors is a game company, so I highly doubt they have enough money for the prize money.

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I want to be the man who changes history.

Firstly, you can't change history. You can only change the interpretation or understanding of history. That's some cheesy anime/manga line. Nasukawa isn't really that good outside of Japan. There is a reason most Japanese fighters don't compete or do well in outside promotions. Pride was good mostly because of the foreign fighters that competed.

Second, it is all about the money! For Mayweather, if it don't make dollars then it don't make sense. That Raizin promotion is small potatos. It is run by the same group of connected crooks that ran the Pride and the other promotions into bankruptcy. It is a 3rd tier promotion at best. It isn't even the best or most well-known in Asia. Raizin has never made enough profits to equal Mayweather's standard fee. Contractually, he is suppose to get 60 million dollars by the promotion and 20 million dollars from pay-per-view. Japanese pay per view sales are nothing. The UFC can barely pay Conor MacGregor, and he made less than that in his last fight. They were never going to pay Mayweather everything in his contract then they were going to change the rules on him at the last minute to make their local boy look good. If you know anything about Pride and the previous promotions then you know that it is the modis operandi. Foreign fighters would always complain about being screwed over by them. Some of the smart ones began making Pride put their money in escrow before even stepping into the ring. That is when Pride started to go under. Fighters got hip to the scam and took their skills elsewhere, or they made sure their money was secured.

Mayweather's acumen in business is almost equal to his skills in the ring. He won't put himself in harms way without some safe guards. He ain't stepping into the ring until he know what the rules are and that his money is assured.

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Silvafan, you are correct regarding Pride. The way they scammed the foreign fighters and set them up to be at a disadvantage against hapanese fighters (eg, paying injured foreign fighters to compete, bringing them in on shirt notice to limit theur training time, etc) was shameful. But thats how its doneinJapan. Raizup is no different obviously.

Oh, and lets see the wonderboy Nasukawa fight in the no bs UFC. Then we'll see the reality.

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If I was 41 and worth close to $1 billion, I would stay far away from the ring and enjoy my Lakers courtside seats like he has been doing.

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Goodlucktoyou, Could you explain what you meant when stating Tenshin Nasukawa as a "20 year old dirty fighter?"

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Floyd is an attention whore and this kickboxer Tension is 120lbs Floyd 152 and never fight an orthodox fight .Kickbocking is NOT boxing .Tension would have to use leg strikes.

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