Medals unveiled, events held across Tokyo to mark one year to go until Olympics


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Nice action shot!

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the Tokyo 2020 Olympic medals will be manufactured using the precious metal extracted from mobile phones and other small electronic devices donated by the public

So not only do we have to pay for the damn event, they want us to donate precious metals too?

Can't the IOC officials donate some of the bullion they have hidden under their mattresses?

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Not a huge supporter of Olympics organisation due to how they charge fees for broadcast and marketing despite being not-for-profit.

But i think it is a good chance for Tokyo to rethink accessibility as a whole as well as look at the various choke points of the city and a good chance for tourism as a form of showcase.

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he looks seriously attacking that kid LUL

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Shall we do a little more back-patting?

As for the photo, Bach opened himself completely to be hit, the kid has the advantage.

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Remember, it's not a gold medal. It's a gold plated medal

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In before the moaners who didn’t get tickets.

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The design of the medals is a bit of a letdown. Looks like a cheap generic swirl and the centerpiece is too small, despite the detail of the logo design which I actually like.

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The design of the medals is a bit of a letdown.

doubt you will be taking one home so...

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The design of the medals is a bit of a letdown. 

The original design looked much better, because they copied it from someone else.

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Shaking hands for all the cash they were given to help their fellow friends and family get richer. The Olympics is a scam.

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Here's what the medals look like on the other side:

International Olympic Committee regulations stipulate that obverse medal design should include the following elements:

Nike, the Greek goddess of victory, in front of the Panathinaikos Stadium

The official name of the respective Games, in this case the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

the Olympic five rings symbol

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