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Mori says Tokyo faces transport crisis following Tsukiji decision


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Hey Mori, SHE is the Governor of Tokyo not you, you USED to be a PM, and not a very good one at that, and got put out to pasture on this assignment here.

Koike is not one of your "good ol boys" and she is thinking about Tokyo AFTER the Olympics. You'd better come up with a different plan!

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Tokyo Olympic organizing committee President Yoshiro Mori warned of potential dire consequences to the transport operations of the 2020 Games after Tokyo Gov. Yuriko Koike announced her plans on the Tsukiji fish market Tuesday.

This is a Koike witch hunt designed to destroy her credibility with the public. The LDP is already gearing up against her. Watch and see

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New Olympic sport just announced.

'The Blame Game'

Japan expects all three medals for this one.

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Mori is a corrupt, incompetent, lying, clueless old bigot who once had a 9% approval rate as Prime Minister. A total embarrassment to the country, he should be in charge of nothing more than a drool cup.

Is this the image Japan wants to present to the world? Shukan Gendai once called him and his cohorts "cancers eating away at the body of our nation". It beggars belief that he is in charge of the Olympic Committee.

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Do these politician like Mori know no shame. Hey lets spend billions of yen to build a tunnel for a two week sports event. Who cares if it will be a huge money loser and never really needed, we said we would do it for the Olympics and dammit we will have it!

I agree that this is a very convenient way to attack Koike, and make her look bad. Who does Mori have to answer to? Nobody!

And what is up with all the down votes for these very good comments. Somebody must be a huge, or bigly fan of Mori and the LDP!

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Mori= Arch Buffoon.

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There are more important things in Japan and in the world that affect Japan than more construction for more money -- one of those being the safety of the fishing industry and the customers who partake of the fish. Had Mori, Ishihara, and Co. not been so quick to agree on a place that was highly toxic in the first place we wouldn't have this problem to begin with.

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"Take the opening ceremony for example. We're not transporting only the athletes but the media, officials and most importantly the fans. We have to ensure their smooth transport as well."

Might I suggest the media, officials and fans leave a little earlier in order to arrive on time? Problem solved.

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This corrupt, incompetent, old dinosaur needs to shut his mouth (and preferably retire/just go away). Koike is thinking of the health and welfare of the citizens - the number one priority of a politician - who gives a flying flip about the olympics in comparison to that??

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While Koike is thinking of the citizen she took way way to long to decide on this strange plan. I don't like Mori but he is right about this taking way to long, she just wanted to stick it to the old boys at the expense of the tax payer!

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Cancel the Olympics. Problem solved.

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Fmr. PM Mori looks good for being in his 80s, is it?

Too bad his words are just as bad as they've ever been...

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The good ole boys are circling the wagons. They see a possible outsider on track to becoming PM, one which they cannot pull the puppet strings on. Start digging dirt and sling mud, some of it is bound to stick. Sound familiar?

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Instead of crying like a baby, how about to develop a new transport plan before it is too late?

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Mori is just trying to make Koike look bad before the election next month.

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Tokyos transport system is streached, all peaches and cream they told the IOC, thanks to the LDPs corruption, tie in with construction companies, and appointment of 80 year old friends as overseeing what has been a disaster of organisation. Bad planning, corner cutting, no accountability, lack of imagination. Look forward to 2020. This is going to good.

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mori care about olympic than the safety of citizen. glad yuriko san stopped the move.

otherwise contaminated seafood already went into thousand of domestic and

international tummies.

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Little surprise, Tokyo Olympic organizing committee President Yoshiro Mori would succumb to a severe bout of cynical political opportunism. Polls for the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election on July 2, reportedly reveal  49% of voters are undecided.

Tokyo Gov. Yuriko Koike’s quite rightly has the cities hard pressed tax payers to consider and prioritise. Tokyo Gov. Yuriko Koike also owes the citizens of Tokyo a duty of care to  put their health and safety front and centre not kowtow to the crass political posturing of the gaffe prone Yoshiro Mori.

There is a disappointingly long list of woe that Yoshiro Mori should take responsibly for, in amongst the shambles of an 2020 Games, still without a delivery authority those cost could without further intervention  exceed Y3 trillion.

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oh no, people will have to take an on time reliable Tokyo train, and then gasp walk

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I'm guessing someone highly connected to LDP wanted Tsukiji's land. That's why they are hell bent on selling it. I can imagine back then they should be cursing the previous governor for being caught lining his pockets with petty amounts, which then resulted in Koike coming in the picture and messed up their plans.

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Koike and Mori, just too dumb two old mountain goats solving problems by butting heads.

This wasn't Koike's mess but to clean it she's using gasoline and matches: In October 2016 she said they'd cut costs for the Olympics. In November costs ballooned. In February 2017, Koike warns of spiraling costs. In May, 6 months after saying she'd reduce costs, she said Tokyo will pay for the whole Olympics and no real progress had been made.

Wasted time.

For the fish market, Koike said no decision would be made until tests say the new location would be safe. Well, every report since then says it's still toxic. So months later, what does Koike say? We're moving the market to the new toxic dump but I swear it'll be safe by then. Also, we'll fix up the old dump and spend who knows how much more money on that.

Where oh where while wasting everyone's time does Koike get the money to fund the Olympics and these two new markets?

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sfk2: "oh no, people will have to take an on time reliable Tokyo train, and then gasp walk"

You ever been on a rush hour train in Tokyo?


Now add to that THOUSANDS going to watch Olympic events or just partake in the Olympics somehow.

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Tokyo traffic is already in crisis Mr. Mori.

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yes many times. Much easier to setup the logistics of special times or trains than a road that hasn't been built yet

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if by thousands then only public transit could have supported that

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